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3 New Ways to Stand Out in Art Marketing

It can be difficult to come up with new concepts to captivate your art buyers. You understand that repeating the same strategies day after day can get tedious in the face of your supporters’ regular barrage of marketing communications, but what will set you apart? 

With these art marketing ideas that your fans will appreciate, you can unleash your creative energy and help your art business stand out from the crowd.

1. Organize a Giveaway

Your consumers already adore your work and giving them the chance to win one of your masterpieces is a great way to spark their interest once more.

Begin by choosing the ideal award. Choose artwork that will entice visitors to enter, but not the most expensive item that you’ve worked on for years. A modest print of a popular painting or a sketch you produced on location are two possibilities.

Next, decide how and for how long fans will be able to enter—we recommend a week to generate a sense of urgency.

This can be as simple as having them reply with their names to your contest email. Alternatively, if you want to have a little more fun, have people vote in their responses on which item you’ll give out as a print to the winner. Simply choose one of the voters as the winner.

To keep up with Impressionist Art Seller, share the news in your next email, artist blog, and social media pages once you’ve chosen the winner so that others can understand how important it is. 

2. Live Streaming in the Studio

Your followers will be fascinated to witness how you develop your art, so consider recording live in the studio.

To start live streaming, simply let your fans know when you’ll be on, set up your laptop with a webcam, and create a YouTube account. Impressionist Art Seller suggests adopting the Periscope program. 

Fans will be thrilled to share this intimate encounter with you and will consider themselves fortunate since it is only available to them.

3. Determine your keywords, audience, and targets

Consider your artwork’s specific audience during the first 15 minutes of your day. Are they young and edgy, shopping for low-cost items, or are they homeowners looking for a long-term investment? Your SEO keywords will be driven by your audience and their preferences.

Make sure you start here because you’ll be employing these keywords throughout your website, photos, and text.

You can always broaden your phrases, but a seo company avoids extremely generic and highly competitive terms.

The more competition there is for a topic or term, the less likely you are to rank for it. Start broad, then narrow your search to specific topics such as “colorful abstract oil painter in Denver, Colorado.” Add your location or other details to create a section that is more specific than “painting” or “artist.”

Give it a shot!

Customers are flooded with marketing messages all day, so stand out by sharing behind-the-scenes material, expressing gratitude, and treating them to unique art deals. Re-energizing your art business can be as simple as engaging your art clients.



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