For the past two years, we all have been learning a lot of lessons. And many of us have started to take care of our health more seriously and have started to show more interest. The most important organ that is taken care of these days is the lungs. Be it smog or be it the viruses that come and go every now and then, it has made us all ponder on the fact as to how to take good care of the lungs. 

Apart from other environmental factors and viruses, the best lungs specialist in Lahore says that there are certain habits that can be opted for healthier and stronger lungs. A lot of us keep on taking lung health for granted on normal days but, as the flu season approaches or any impairment in the lungs is observed, a big change and impact on the lungs is felt that makes us think where we are lacking. 

The good part is that it might be possible that you already are doing things that are helping your lungs, but it is important to know other healthier habits and ways to keep the lungs strong. 

Smart Habits to keep the Lungs Healthy

Some of the habits that can help immensely in improving lung health include, 

  1. Start with Exercise

Exercise is the key to keeping the body fit and healthy. It not only keeps the body fit but plays a huge role in keeping the strength of the lungs intact. Experts recommend doing exercise of any kind 5 days a week. But the most effective exercise that helps the lungs immensely is cardio. 20 to 30 minutes of cardio every day has been proven to be extremely helpful for lung health. 

It is not necessary to bound yourself to start with 20 to 30 mins of cardio. You can take breaks or just start with 10 minutes a day. For people with serious conditions like asthma and breathing issues, the recommendation of the doctor is a must ladies gym near me

  1. Get the needed Vitamin D

It is known to everyone that vitamin D is very essential for the health of bones but it might be surprising for some that it helps greatly in improving lung health. There are certain foods that are full of vitamin D and can help a lot in making the lungs strong. These include egg yolks, cheese, and fatty fish. 

There are vitamin D supplements also present in the market that can help you greatly. But it is very important to consult your doctor before using such supplements. If you are suffering from certain chronic lung issues or asthma be careful before consuming supplements. 

  1. Deep Breathing

One of the factors that can impact your respiratory system and lungs badly is stress. But some of the breathing techniques can help greatly. One of them is very beneficial for stress management called deep breathing. Breathing techniques like diaphragmic breathing and other pursed lips breathing techniques can help in increasing the capacity of the lungs face facial

Belly breathing is also very beneficial for increasing lung health and capacity greatly. 

  1. Avoid Bad Habits

 For keeping the lungs strong it is very important to avoid habits and patterns in everyday life that can impact the lungs directly. The most important one is smoking. And nowadays a new trend of vaping has impacted the youth a lot. It might be less harmful but it has adverse effects on the lungs as well. 

It is very important to stay away from places where there is smoke. Places like factories and fireplaces, stoves can irritate the airways and damage them badly. It is also essential to exercise in places where there is clean air like gardens and lawns. 

  1. Quality Sleep

Sleep is very crucial for the proper and sound functioning of the body. It is vital to take quality sleep for keeping the immune system healthy. There is no such evidence as of now, as to how sleep has an impact on the health of the lungs. But quality sleep des help a lot in repairing different muscles of the body. 

It must be kept in mind that a weaker immune system impacts the body in a very negative manner. So, if you focus on keeping the immune system healthy, you’ll be helping lung health immensely. 


Lung health is very important for the proper functioning of the body. From breathing to filtration, lungs play an important role. But it is essential to keep a check on everyday habits and patterns that impact the lungs greatly. Opt for habits that can be great for immunity and for lung health a lot. In case of serious damage to the lungs, you must visit a lung specialist and not focus on habits alone. 

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