Oak Mantel

Every abode should have at least one oak mantel shelf. Not only are they functional but also accentuate your home. Whether you are looking to create extra space or display your prized possessions, oak mantels are the perfect way to decorate your home or make a space functional. This article mentions the 5 stunning places for an oak mantel shelf.

Discover the Top 5 Perfect Places for An Oak Mantel Shelf

Keeping the oak mantel shelf in the right place will not only enhance the appearance of your space but also make it functional:

  • Set the Shelf Above your Fireplace

Setting the oak mantel shelf above your fireplace is a brilliant idea. Whether you go for a modern, rustic, Jacobean, or antique pine design, an oak mantel shelf above the open fire or a wood-burning stove will look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Keep the Oak Mantel Shelf in the Kitchen

An oak mantel shelf placed on the wall of the kitchen is an amazing way to add an elegant vibe to your kitchen. You can display your favourite crockery with a few showpieces or even a bottle of wine, to finish the look of your kitchen.

  • Place the Oak Mantel Shelf in the Bathroom

This is another place where you can keep the oak mantel shelf and change the vibe of your bathroom. You can keep all the necessary items on the shelf that you need frequently and make use of the space.

  • Put the Oak Mantel Shelf in the Dining room

The oak mantel shelf looks good in any space and if you put it in the dining room, then it will change the visual appearance of the space. To create space for a few drinks, you can add an oak mantel shelf in the dining room.

  • Position the Oak Mantel Shelf in the Bedroom

This last place of positioning the oak mantel shelf in the bedroom will make your bedroom warmer and more welcoming. You can add your favourite novel and a few candles to make the bedroom cosy and comfortable.

Laois Stone & Stoves focuses on offering high-quality oak mantel shelves to its customers to satisfy their requirements. You can order custom-made mantel shelves and select the length, depth, width, colour, shape, wood grain, and height. You can customise the oak mantel shelf to suit your requirements and the aesthetics of your space without any issue.

Resource: https://dopewope.com/5-perfect-places-for-an-oak-mantel-shelf/

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