The last two summers of lockdown and staying at home have made all of you miss out on styling your summer season. However, the year 2022 has unclosed the freshness of summers and has given birth to a styling spirit for everyone. The season of ultimate fashion and blooming colors makes styling versatile and delightful for everyone. Whether you want to rule the everyday look or want to be under a spotlight for a special evening, summer unlocks doors to all the possibilities for one to experiment with all the looks they desire. 

You might have probably thought of gathering all the apparel options around you. But what if you can create all the looks with the basic items already in your closet? Yes! You can turn the basics of your closet into the looks of your imagination. Whether you plan on strolling around this weekend or having a party on a Saturday night, summer must-haves can cater to all the events and looks. 

A basic tee 

A blank canvas invites one to paint all their ideas and add colors to them. Likewise, a blank and basic t-shirt opens up all the styling possibilities. There is nothing more aesthetic and appealing than something having allure in simplicity. You can further enhance the elegance of the apparel by pairing it with the right bottom. A basic tee is an answer to almost everyday looks. The basic tee is a must-have for this season, catering to all genders and ages. 


  • Pair a basic tee with denim bottoms to have a casual look. 
  • Add basic jewelry (hoops or basic pendants) to the look. 
  • Outerwear like blazers or denim jackets can work well for a different look. 
  • Look for wholesale shirts in Atlanta to pair with t-shirts for a cool look. 

Crop tops 

Fighting heat with style and chic looks is now easier with cropping out all the basics with crop tops. Crop tops are versatile and ever-loved pieces of clothing in women’s clothing. In addition, entering into the fashion realm and becoming the ideal must-have for summers, crop tops know how to add to the grace of the look. 


  • Skinny jeans pair well with crop tops for a classy appearance. 
  • Pair them with denim shorts for a bright and illuminating day’s outlook. 
  • Short skirts and flared pants can add to the formals. 
  • Add on an oversized blazer. 

Polo shirts 

Though you all might have stuck to the idea of summers and beaches, it is also about everyday life, hustle and tedious work hours. To make routine timetables more stimulating, add another must-have to your closet. Polo shirts are essential workwear and a formal addition to your summer section. From regular university lectures to formally acing office look, polo shirts cater to all the laziness of dressing up. 


  • Pair polo shirts with jeans for a casual look. 
  • Complement it with dress pants for a more formal appearance. 
  • Add a watch to the look or any simple bracelet for women. 
  • Look for basic and neutral colors to keep the elegance alive. 

Denim jacket 

Summers are welcomed by spring, and not every day is of extreme heat. Thus, you might require extra layering that does not reduce the allure of your summer look, and nothing could work better than a denim jacket. You can never go wrong with denim; cropped jackets can work well for summer. 


  • Go for denim on denim match and pair the jacket with denim jeans. 
  • Wear it with a crop top for a chic look. 
  • Add sneakers to the look to keep it casual and cool. 
  • Complement it with high necks shirts. 

Plain shirts 

Though it is considered men’s apparel, it has entered women’s closets, and women have managed to carry it flawlessly within workwear and casual attires. However, the increased design offers you plenty of options in wholesale shirts in Atlanta. However, go for the plain shirts to further embellish them with your creativity. 


  • Women can pair it with a skirt for a formal yet stunning workwear look. 
  • Whether jeans or dress pants, basic shirts go along every piece. 
  • Tuck it in for a professional look. 
  • Restrict the jewelry to watch only. 


The season of all exciting activities also greets new ways of dressing and styling. Summertime is all about relishing and testing. Let this summer be more exciting than the last one by playing with all the must-haves you have got. Lockdown might have locked your styling game. However, this year is another chance of acing everyday look with new tips and tricks.

Sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by other companions, these must-haves are sufficient for the entire season. Be wise when styling it and create looks within budget. 

Let the summer playtime begin with amazing styling hacks and remarkable looks.

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