The fact that hair extensions are available in a wide range of hues, textures, styles, and volumes is its strongest feature that made us all fall in love with it. While we must all be experts at picking what looks great on us, picking a hue that will go well with our skin tone and enhance our overall appearance is crucial.

Below are the 5 tips to keep in mind while choosing colored hair extensions.

1. Choosing The Right Shade Based On Your Skin Tone

Know Your Skin Tone

A great way to choose the proper color of your human hair extensions is to match your hair to your skin tone. It is misleading to believe that all shades will look good on all skin tones.

For instance, like platinum, dramatic tones in colored hair extensions frequently go well with paler tones, while darker tones work best with ombre patterns or richer, warmer colors and lighter highlights.

2. Choosing The Right Shade Based On Your Clothing

Know Your Style

The color of your clothing may also be something to think about. If you prefer colors like red, bright pink, royal blue, or green, you’ll look best with warm-toned real hair extensions like golden blonde, golden brown, ginger blonde, or auburn.

If you prefer synthetic hair wigs like red, bright pink, royal blue, or green, you’ll look best with cooler tones like platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, or jet black.

You’ll look good in more neutral tones like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown, and mahogany if reds, purples, charcoal greys, and turquoise suit you.

3. Always Match Your Colored Hair Extensions To The Ends Of Your Hair

End Is The Beginning

The easiest technique to get a nice color match if you’re searching for natural hair extensions that are very near to your natural hue is to compare it to the lower parts of your hair. If a comparison is to be made, the ends are the ideal place to start. 

You can separate a few strands of your natural hair and follow the tone from the middle to the tip. It is important to consider whether the color varies significantly from the root to the tip.

4. Do not Worry About The Roots

Roots Doesn’t Matter

The idea that hair extensions must match your roots is untrue. Natural roots constantly vary since they make up the newest strands on your head. Therefore, this is untrue and will make matters much more difficult.

The hair strands get lighter and more fragile as they develop and get older. Additionally, wearing real hair extensions as close to your ends is advisable. 

5. Finally Picking The Right Colored Hair Extensions

Pick One

Here are a few colored hair extensions to choose from.

  • Brown Colored Hair Extensions: This is also a wonderful choice if you want a minimal upkeep hair color. Browns reflect light well and conceal split ends and breakages if your hair is damaged.
  • Red Colored Hair Extensions: You can pull off a deeper chilly red or purplish red pretty nicely if you have a cool or pink complexion. A dark natural auburn or dark reddish brown would be a fantastic choice for someone with golden or olive skin.
  • Blonde Colored Hair Extensions: A golden blonde looks better with warmer skin tones, while cold ashy tones look best with cooler tones. 
  • Black Colored Hair Extensions: Black looks fantastic on those with darker or olive complexion tones.
  • Silver/Gray/Platinum Colored Hair Extensions: If your complexion is pale and has cold undertones, think about going silver or white. While white may highlight your pinkness, silver with ashy blonde undertones will balance out the pink undertones in your complexion.
  • Hilites/Streaks Human Hair Extensions- You can apply these color strips to your hair without making a big commitment. If you want vivid hues, you might choose ones like green or yellow. Simple golden highlights with pre-colored streak hair extensions are an option if you like milder hues.


These are the 5 things you need to keep in mind while choosing colored hair extensions. Follow the guide above to find the perfect color!

Enjoy yourself while picking the color of your hair extensions, and don’t hesitate to contact Diva Divine if you need assistance with anything. They are always available by chat, call or email. You can visit Diva Divine if you are looking for hair extensions in Delhi or any part of India.

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