7 best mid-range smartphones you can buy in 2022

We have reached a point where spending outrageous sums of money are no longer necessary to obtain some fairly great phone features on the smartphone front. Even in the mainstream market, you may find some excellent offers if you know where to search.

If you have a budget of roughly Rs. 20,000, you will be able to choose from a very broad selection of high-quality smartphones. The in-display fingerprint sensor became popular among flagship phones only a year ago, and you can now buy the best mobile under 20000

Not only that, but thanks to intense competition and recent price reductions, you can acquire a phone with a Qualcomm SoC from the flagship-level Snapdragon 845 family in this price bracket.

Below are the seven mid-range smartphones you can consider

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

‘FE’ stands for Fan Edition, which refers to a less expensive version of a Galaxy flagship in the Samsung universe. The concept was introduced with the Galaxy S20 FE, a simplified but still capable smartphone experience. Galaxy S21 FE appears to be following suit. The S20 FE is expected to deliver strong performance at a lower price point than the standard S20. 

Pennies will almost certainly be saved by forgoing premium materials in favor of plastic, as well as by settling for a lower-resolution rear camera setup – though rumors suggest the selfie camera will be a 32MP shooter. 

OnePlus 10 Pro

With the announcement that OnePlus will not launch a 9T model, all eyes will be on the full follow-up to the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. That appears to be a possibility for early in 2022, given that OnePlus typically unveils its flagship devices in March or April. There is little concrete information about what the next generation will be like. 

Elsewhere, early leaks indicate that the device will look a lot like the OnePlus 9 – which is unsurprising, given that OnePlus 10 has rarely been a revolutionary force in smartphone design. 

Huawei P60 Pro

The Huawei P50 Pro was an unusual device when launched earlier this year. A photographic powerhouse, it benefited from a quartet of capable cameras boasting a combined resolution of plenty of megapixels – including a periscope lens with an incredible 200x digital zoom. The issue was that the flagship was never able to leave China due to ongoing trade restrictions. 

Huawei P60 Pro and P60 Pro Plus are scheduled to launch in the second half of 2022. Based on the evolution of previous Pro smartphones, the P60 Pro is likely to include a sufficiently powerful camera setup in addition to a sizable full-screen experience.

Vivo Y51

The triple camera setup, powered by AI, enables you to capture stunning images. The 48 MP primary rear camera features unique photo processing algorithms that ensure crystal-clear images during the day and night. This stunning Vivo Y51 smartphone has rear camera features, an Electronic Image Stabilization system optimized for use in all lighting conditions. 

This smartphone features an 8 MP wide-angle lens that ensures no one is missed. As a result, you can easily take group photos with this smartphone. On the power button of this smartphone is a fingerprint scanner. As a result, you can power on and unlock this device simultaneously.

Vivo Y20G

Vivo Y20G is equipped with 18 W Fast Charge feature allowing you to charge the phone quickly and say goodbye to low-battery issues. With its 4D Game Vibration feature, you can experience immersive gaming without being distracted by alerts or incoming calls, ensuring your victory at all times. 

The 18 W Fast Charge technology and 5,000 mAh battery on this phone enable convenient on-the-go charging and extended battery life. It supports reverse charging via OTG. You can use the side fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone instantly and intuitively. The Face Wake technology enables you to unlock your phone in a matter of seconds.

Motorola G40 Fusion

A smartphone with fast processing speeds, extended battery life, and a beautiful design, the Motorola g40 fusion is the best of the best. When viewing videos, playing games, or browsing the Web, the 17.2 cm Max Vision display offers realistic and clear graphics at all times. 

Its 6000 mAh battery provides up to 54 hours of playback time on a single full charge, allowing you to stay amused for extended periods without having to worry about receiving a low-battery message. To top it all off, it is compatible with Google Assistant, which allows you to have your questions answered by simply speaking them.

Realme 8 5G

Because of its thin and lightweight design, the realme 8 5G is a visual joy to behold. Because of its slim design, it is easy to handle in one hand comfortably. You may enjoy lovely and smooth images when streaming video, gaming, and doing other activities on its 6.5 Inch FHD+ Display with a rapid refresh rate. In addition, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock your device in a matter of seconds.

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