In order to reach out to every voter of Varanasi, the BJP is using neighbourhood chats groups on WhatsApp and sending out short video clips of Prime Minister Narendra Modi where he’s seen vowing to never leave the constituency, which goes to polls on March 7. Around 200 broadcasts have made a target of sending out at least seven messages to local WhatsApp groups, Instagram and Facebook.

The BJP’s social media unit is going an extra mile to ensure that the voters get PM’s message in the district that is also his parliamentary constituency. There are almost 35,000 members on these groups.

“These 35,000 members will further broadcast the messages of their respective groups and this is how we are reaching out to the masses,” said a senior BJP leader.

With the Ukraine war dominating TV screens these days, Instagram emerges as the party’s favourite.

Last week, PM Modi made a fervent appeal to the party workers present in the Jan Sabha to reach out to every voter and household in the last phase of UP elections.

To amplify the efforts of BJP workers on the ground, the party’s social media unit made a two-minute clip of PM’s appeal to the voters and sent it across the broadcast groups across eight assembly segments in the Varanasi district.

The BJP social media unit has also dedicated assembly-wise broadcast groups and plans for organising rallies and Jan Sabhas.

“The day PM spoke about Varanasi, we had 10 lakh users on the very first day of that two-minute clip. We have a new slogan for each day and boys wear those on their shirt and stand in the rallies and campaign around. It’s a hit with voters,” said Shashi Shekhar, social media co-in charge, BJP UP. Shekhar said the team comes up with a positive tagline every day that could be used across the Jan Sabhas.

With only three days left for the campaigning to end, the BJP is gearing up for Sabhas of PM Modi and of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Party president JP Nadda, too, is will be holding a meeting and addressing the gatherings in the last phase of election.

PM Modi will address a public meeting covering seven assembly constituencies of Ghazipur and four constituencies of Sonbhadra district and that of Ghazipur. He is expected to be in Jaunpur and Chandauli on March 3.

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