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Spring is the ideal time to plant a new herb garden, especially when the weather is still fairly cool but not too frosty. When it comes to planting herb gardens, you need to plan the layout of the area and then prepare the soil. The next step is to decide whether to seed, plant, plant relatively well-established plants online, or work with cutting or dividing the roots of established plants. Often the most successful approach is to mix these options so that you have a combination of plants that allows for a progressive harvest.

Plant herbs

When you purchase well-established herbs, these will usually be supplied either in a flexible nursery bag or in a plastic container. Sometimes suppliers set up container gardens where herbs are grown in larger, more attractive containers—but expect to pay a premium for it.Seedlings are usually fed in seed trays. Once you have planted your plants, place the tray and use it to plant your own seeds. You can buy plants online and plant the best herbs in your garden.

If you live in a temperate climate, or if you have a greenhouse, you can start sowing the seeds immediately after the last frost. But if you’re going to sow the seeds directly into the soil, you’ll need to wait until mid-spring when the soil warms up and the seeds will germinate successfully. Whichever route you choose, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging regarding soil type, fertility and sun and shade conditions. Also be sure to keep the soil moist (whether in the seed tray in the garden or greenhouse) because without precious moisture the seeds simply won’t germinate and develop.

Tackling unnecessary growth

If you grow seeds in a tray, you will need to thin them as they germinate. Remove prickly, underdeveloped plants. You will also need to thin plants grown from seed directly in the garden bed. Make sure you give each seed enough room to grow. Instead, there are stronger, tougher plants than smaller plants competing for essential nutrients in the soil.

Plants that grow well when planted outside include perennial plants such as thyme and sweet marjoram. Self-seeds commonly include dill, borage, feverfew and poppy.

If you are going to take a cut from a plant that is already established in your garden or a friend may have offered it to you, take it in late spring or early summer as well. There are many herbs you can take softwood cuttings from, including rosemary, lavender, sage, santolina, and delicious curry plants grown for pots. All you have to do is find a new shoot three or four inches tall that doesn’t have flower buds and cut it off the stem of the wood, placing a small piece of wood at the ends of it. Dip the hard end into some hormone rooting powder (if you prefer) and then plant the cutting in a pot or directly in the garden. Some herbs, including rosemary, grow quickly and easily without any additional hormones.

Importance of sun light

Equally important is the lighting you are going to use for your vegetable garden. Everyone knows that natural sunlight really works best for your plants, but if that’s not available, you’ll have to choose some sort of artificial source. Most vegetable plants require about 5 hours of sunlight per day, so you need to make sure your plants get it or they won’t bloom.

The type of soil and the amount of sunlight determine what types of vegetables you can grow. That’s why you need to understand the growing season of each type of vegetable. This may mean that you can plant in the spring, in the middle of summer, or perhaps even in the fall. Of course, if you’re planting indoors, you need to understand how climate can affect your plants. The humidity level should be controlled along with the climate in your indoor vegetable garden.

Final thoughts

Thus, these are the guidelines that you can follow to build a perfect garden at your backyard. Right from selecting the best pots to the best place, you can find many important things that need to be corrected while decorating a plant in your backyard.

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