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Healthy and voluminous hair is one of those physical attributes we all long for irrespective of age and gender. Unfortunately, that’s not what we all are able to receive inherently. Yes, a few do, but most of us seek scientific and superficial help like the inclusion of best hair loss products.

Hair thrives on protein and other vital nutrients to keep its structure and strength intact. And when they fail to receive the adequate amount of required nutrients and vitamins, they tend to lose their natural traits, giving rise to excessive hair loss and other linked problems.

Major reasons for hair fall

Besides inherited medical conditions, a poor diet and lack of nutrients can significantly cause hair fall. We have jotted down a few major reasons that could lead to hair fall. Have a look;

●    Heredity

One of the most common yet overlooked causes of hair fall is heredity. Besides a side-effect of natural aging, hereditary issues can be a major reason for a receding hairline and bald spots you might witness.

Although there is no specified cure for hereditary hair loss, one can ensure a perfect lifestyle, consume a healthy diet and incorporate requisite vitamins for hair loss to control its adverse effects.

●    Hormonal imbalance and medical conditions

Multiple medical conditions could lead to temporary as well as permanent hair loss.

Hormonal changes occurring due to pregnancy, thyroid, menopause, and medical conditions like alopecia areata can also lead to hair loss.

●    An adverse effect of medication

Often, it’s not the natural sources that lead to hair loss. Often a side effect of what we consumed or underwent to cure our other condition leads to hair loss.

Consumption of certain curable drugs similar to the ones utilized to cure depression, cancer, and other medical conditions can create hair loss problems as an adverse effect.

●    Stressful event

It’s not a secret that stress is harmful to our bodies. Various individuals experience an overall thinning of hair a while later, a physical or emotive shock. Fortunately, this sort of balding is transitory.

●    Hairstyles and treatment

The application of excessive heat or chemical products of hair can damage its natural consistency to an incurable extent. Such hair chemical treatments or heat application often destroys the texture of hair that is too hard to reverb to a natural state.

Fortunately, due to the advancement of medical science, such conditions can be treated by seeking medical help and consuming hair loss supplements to some extent.

●    Radiation therapy

Most of the time, hair loss as an effect of radiation therapies is permanent. Implying the hair might never grow back to what they initially were.

Vitamins you can include in your diet to prevent hair fall

Healthy hair is somewhat a sign of a healthy body and mind. Similar to other parts of the body, it also demands various nutrients to retain its natural texture.

In fact, the study states, vitamin deficiency hair loss are conjoint. Here a fee nutrients and vitamins vital for hair growth;

●    Biotin

Biotin, or vitamin B7, is one of the most important vitamins mandated by cells present inside our body. Biotin deficiency can not just lead to hair loss but also skin rashes and brittle nails. One of the common reasons for biotin deficiency is

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Intake of specific antibiotics or epilepsy drugs

Whole grains, meat, egg yolks are natural sources of intact biotin.

●    Iron

Iron is mandated by red blood cells to carry oxygen. Iron deficiency leads to anemia, and hair loss is a common sign. You are prone to anemia if

  • You are a women experiencing heavy periods
  • You are vegan
  • You suffer from any chronic diseases

Consumption of red meat legumes and more can help you make up for the iron deficiency.

●    Vitamin D

You might know that vitamin D is crucial for bone health, but did you know they were equally important for your hair?

It is our body that produces vitamin D when it receives adequate sunlight. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to access the privilege, resulting in excessive hair loss.

However, you can consult your physician and seek supplements of the vitamins to prevent hair loss and other conjoined issues.

Some tips to prevent early hair fall

Considering the importance of the physical attribute and how adversely it could impact your mental health, here are a few tips to prevent early hair fall;

  • Avoid application of heat and chemical products used for hairstyling
  • Don’t bleach or treat your hair
  • Try using mild, paraben-free hair products, including shampoo
  • Maintain healthy diet
  • Seek medical attention before consuming supplements or vitamin for hair loss
  • Try using a soft brush for combing and untangling your hair


Hair fall is a common symptom of health issues. For a few, undertaking medical treatments are mandated for proper care and regrowth of hair. While for the rest, actually the majority of us, a little tweak of diet or inclusion of supplements of biotin for hair loss is enough.

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