Having a cat could mean different things to many people. Some want cats to cuddle with and lay on their laps and others would rather reside with an independent cat that spends the majority of its time outside and doesn’t need a lot of contact with humans.


What is important is that you try to find a cat which will communicate with you if you want it to. All cats differ in the way each cat interacts with you will depend on its character and its early experiences (or lack of experiences) and can result in it fearful or confident in people and with life generally.

The setting within which you keep a cat can be extremely important For instance, if the cat has a home with several cats which do not connect, then it is likely to be stressed and will react differently than if alone.

While there’s no certain way to select the right cat and your needs, understanding your requirements and the characteristics that make cats tick will help you choose the cat you want to be in a position to handle its new environment and be the cat you’ve always wanted as well.

To take care of a cat you will need to:

  • You can find lots of human interaction
  • Give regular, healthy meals and a steady supply of clean water
  • Make sure you have a clean comfy bed
  • Give the cat access to the outside or prepare to clean and empty a litter tray regularly on regular basis
  • Create a stimulating and safe environment
  • Maintain it’s grooming routine. Longhaired cats require regular grooming
  • Get it sterilized between the ages of 4 to 6 months
  • Vaccinate against all the major feline diseases regularly
  • Keep your eyes open and provide the treatment needed to fight fleas
  • Bring the cat to the veterinarian if it shows any sign of disease
  • Assure your cat with insurance or ensure you have the funds to cover the cost of any veterinary treatments it may require.

How much care and attention does cats require?

As pets go, cats are relatively low maintenance compared to dogs who require companionship, walking, training as well as training. However, as with any pet, they do need to be looked after, and some cats require more attention more than other. Do you want to spend a lot times with the cat, are you looking to be a hassle, or do you only have a small amount of time? Cats can fit into modern and busy lifestyles more easily than dogs as they are pretty independent, can be left to their own devices more easily and are more suitable for smaller flats and homes. Cats are usually chosen by people who have an active and stressful life and want to have a companion at home, to unwind.

How do you expect from your relationship with a cat? If you’re the type of person who requires a close connection with your cat, and to be able to deal with it and have it communicate with you, then there’s a chance you’ll be disappointed when you deal with a nervous cat who hides whenever you come into an area. You may consider some of the breeds with pedigrees which are more active and may be more dependent on human interaction than some moggies. This may be a problem for your cat if are working all day and only available to spend time with your cat on weekends or evenings.

Some cats must know exactly what’s going to happen when, in order to feel calm. Such cats would be quite happy living with an old woman who is not a frequent visitor and leads a very quiet lifestyle, but they’ll find it quite stressful living in a household full of pets and children with many visitors and activities. Other cats are likely to be awed by different interactions with lots of people and work easily in a household that is busy.

If you’re not going to be able to or have the time to groom a cat every day, don’t even think of purchasing a Persian or cat with a long coat. In pedigree language, any cat with an extended coat, apart from one that is a Persian and a semi-longhaired cat, is referred to as semi-long due to the fact that the coat isn’t as thick as that of Persians and does not have such an extensive undercoat. However, it is nevertheless long and needs cleaning. In addition, if you are extremely proud of your home, you might not want lots of hair everywhere.

A cat with short hair is an easier choice, as most cats are obsessed with their coats and will keep their coats in perfect condition. That’s not saying that they don’t shed hairs – keep this in mind if thinking of buying a white cat, but have furniture that is dark, or reverse. Likewise, cats are inclined to sharpen their claws inside and often on the stair carpet, sometimes on the furniture, or even wall. Whether your cat does this is contingent on the cat’s behavior and also the environment you have created for it. but there are steps you can try to do and deal with this, but it is best to recognize from the beginning that your cat is an animal that has free will and natural behaviour that might not suit people who need an impeccable house.

Can I keep a cat eating vegan food?

Is your lifestyle a vegan and want your cat to become one as well? If you are looking for a pet that is vegetarian and does not challenge your beliefs it is better to go with a rabbit it is a carnivore at its core that behaves as it does for just this reason. A cat is considered to be an obligatory carnivore. It is a creature that requires some of the nutrients that are found in meat, and all of its senses of smell and taste are affixed to the fact that it is a carnivore – it is a travesty and harmful to health to attempt keeping it as a vegetarian. Feeding your cat or kitten

Do you know of a species of cat which does not hunt?

There is a chance that you have an dislike for your cat who is hunting outdoors. Perhaps you are someone who loves birds, or you simply don’t have the ability to manage small dead animals that are lying on the ground. Hunting is normal behaviour for cats. Keeping a cat indoors could prevent it from actually killing anything, but there will be an outlet for its most instinctive behaviour, and many cats won’t be satisfied with an indoor life. Likewise, if you’re looking to purchase an animal to keep the pests at bay You shouldn’t be paired with a cat that does not particularly like hunting”, shooting’ and fishing, and would rather be a couch potato! cats are more likely to hunt much less than younger ones and some cats aren’t even interested much, but there’s no way to know how a cat’s behaviour.

Can I keep a cat indoors?

If you think about the daily life of a cat that has access to outdoor space, you’ll see that being outdoors brings a huge variety to its life . It allows it to utilize all of its hunting behaviours if it wants to. Of course, there are risks outside that cats face, but you need to keep in mind the very positive aspects of stimulation for the mind and body and a way to express your the natural behaviors. Indoors versus outdoors

Do I need to have cat and a baby or small child?

There is no reason not to own cats or kittens if you have children. It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children from the very beginning how to approach, play with and interact with cats and to treat them kindly. Many children have amazing relationship with their cats. They are taught respecting animals and being gentle . This is practiced successfully every day, but it is the responsibility of parents to establish the guidelines. It is possible to adopt an adorable kitten while you have a new baby or toddler could be too much to handle in one go, so making sure you have time for all the parties is part of a successful relationship. Also, if you are expecting, there is no requirement to eliminate the cat. Simple and fundamental hygiene measures and common sense management of cats, especially when the baby is tiny, allows everyone to coexist happily and securely.

Should I get an adult cat instead of kitten?

A kitten can give you the opportunity to take on an animal at the beginning and then give it the attention and love it in order to give it the best start in its life. Also, you’ll be in a position to gain an understanding of its character. However, kittens need lots of attention and some planning to avoid them from getting in trouble. If you are leaving them alone you have to ensure that they’re secure while you’re away. You may also have to arrange neutering and initial vaccinations, and so on according to where you acquire your kitten.
Where to find a kitten or cat and what questions to do?

While kittens have an enormous ‘cute’ aspect It is important to keep in mind that they don’t stay kittens very long. only six months of a total of 14 years or more.

For adult cats, it’s at a minimum clear whether they are long or shorter haired. It should be possible to have a clear picture of the personality of a cat in the event that it is kept in less ideal conditions and is stressed or frightened it might behave differently compared to when it is relaxed. A cat that is confident will probably come in and settle down quite quickly; a nervous one may require longer. It will be much easier to leave an older cat in the knowledge that it is not going to run into danger, and it is usually more relaxed and less stress than kittens. An adult cat probably already be neutered , and vaccined.
Selecting an adult cat and where to buy one

What kind of cat do I need to get?

The gender of a kitten doesn’t really have any significance, so long as you neuter your kitten before puberty (at approximately four months age) and the impact of the hormones that regulate sexual desire begin to kick in. Un-neutered cats could exhibit undesirable reproductive behaviors. For example male cats that are not neutered will make a mark on their surroundings with strong smelling urine, whereas female cats who aren’t neutered may begin to show signs of spring every two weeks even if they don’t become pregnant.

If you’re only getting one kitten or cat, it doesn’t matter which the sex you choose. If you are looking to have two kittens and get two of the same litter the gender of either cat is not an issue. However, if you own a cat and are receiving just one kitten or another cat, it could be worth considering going for either genders to eliminate some of the rivalry. The kitten could be a better option over another adult cat in such cases as the young cat’s immaturity seems to remove the competition element – for a while anyway during which you’re hoping they will get to like one another! Neutering eliminates the need for so many rivalries and makes the decision of which sex to choose less crucial.
How to tell what kind of sex a kitten has

Do I need to choose a breed that is specific or a moggie?

A majority of the cats who are kept as pets are”moggies,” or domestic long or short haired cats. That is, they are random mix of many different cats and we often have no idea of their parents (well the father anyway). This means that we don’t have any control over their colour or body shape, body shape the length of coat or other traits that kittens get from parents. So, for instance, if your kitten has a moggie mom but the father is unknown and it develops more hair that you prefer if the father was indeed longhaired.

There’s more to choosing a pedigree cat , than simply having a preference for a particular coat color or length – there are ethical considerations to certain breeds if you really want to think about the welfare of your cat. There are some health issues you need to check with the breeder , and questions that you must inquire about. Good breeders strive to breed healthy, cat breeds that are friendly to people and avoid (or attempt to treat) inheritable disorders that may arise.
Cats with pedigrees – important things to think about

What breed of cat should I select?

There are a variety of breeds of cats, and some will require more attention and care like those with a lengthy coat or without a coat. (See our A-Z of cat breeds). Some pedigree cats tend to be more social and will not prefer being left to themselves for prolonged periods. If you’re away all day at work it may be worth getting two kittens together for company – do your research about the breed you’re looking at. Always make sure that your health is the first priority regardless of the ‘look’.
How to choose a kitten

Can I have a cat if I have an animal?

When you own other pets there should not be a problem in getting a cat, but you just need to ensure that you keep everything in mind. If you own a dog, you have to ensure that you take your time when making introductions so the new cat will not be injured or chased when the dog is accustomed with it. Not all breeds of dogs are good for cats.
How to introduce a new cat or kitten to a dog

Can I have as many cat could I have with each other?

It’s very easy to “collect cats. They’re beautiful, they’re small , and they’re fairly easy to care for. Even when they don’t agree, they will tend to remove themselves from the scene rather than fight. However, there may be some tension between the cats that their owners don’t notice on. Cats are a largely solitary species and although they are able to live in groups, they’re usually a group of related people or have been chosen for themselves to ensure that cats are not sharing space with cats don’t like. Cats could begin to run around or even soil the home due to trying to deal with an issue that makes them are feeling stressed because of others cats. This might be all that owners notice.

In the event that you already have two felines that live together with great success, take your time before deciding to add another. If you have three cats living well together, thank the heavens and stop now while the clock is ticking! The trouble of adding another cat is that it might not be just the relationship between the resident cats and the new cat which causes issues; it may upset the whole equilibrium of the residents’ relationship , and cause problems between the original cats , as the stress and tension levels increase. Any new cat needs careful introduction.
How do you introduce an adult cat you have just adopted in your home cat.

The most effective way to create two compatible cats is to pick sibling. These will have grown up together and it is usually a good sign for the future of a great relationship (although not guaranteed! ).

What’s the price to keep a cat?

If you’re purchasing a cat with pedigree then there will be additional costs and they can be big. The kittens that are pedigree come vaccinated and in some cases are already neutered. If you’re buying a cat from a rescue organization then they may ask for a donation or a fee and again it will probably come already neutered and vaccinated. Kittens or cats from friends or neighbors don’t usually come neutered or vaccinated, and wormed, or treated for fleas or anything else and it is up to you to make an appointment with a veterinarian and then get these tasks done. Neutering is obviously an one-time expense, however numerous vaccinations are needed to make sure that the kitten is shielded from infectious diseases. Afterwards, every year, a booster vaccination will help to protect it throughout its life (requirements depend on the lifestyle of the cat and risk associated with it and your vet will be able to advise you). There is also food as well as preventive health services for treatment for fleas and ticks and worms, cat litter if you require or want an bed, an indoor litter tray and grooming equipment when you have a long-haired cat. Microchipping is recommended in the event that your cat disappears. We recommend that you cover your cat with insurance to ensure that if you suffer from an illness or accident, and you are ill, you do not have to fret about expenses. Take your time choosing your insurance to ensure that you get what you expect or need.

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