After divorce, a couple experiences several changes and is forced to return to their life before marriage. Generally, people keep their married names, so their children get the same name. However, a lot of people prefer to make changes in their name to acknowledge their divorce and move on with life. They generally use their old surname and leave the ex-partner’s last name. Visit Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC for more information. 

If an ex-spouse decides to alter their name post-divorce, The other partner has no choice or discretion in the issue. It is also possible to change the name of shared kids if it is proven suitable for children’s well-being. 

The procedure of changing name during divorce

If you are thinking of changing your name and returning to the name you had before getting married, it is suggested to address the issue of name alteration during the proceedings of divorce. Certain states allow spouses to include name change requests in divorce documents. If a spouse waits for the submission of name alteration until the divorce is finalized, they will be required to file a different petition and pay additional filing charges. 

If the divorce petition form of a state does not include name alteration, it is still possible to get it done through a marital settlement agreement. After the judge grants the final divorce, the spouse wishing her new name will get approved along with it. It will be displayed in the final divorce decree. 

The procedure of changing the last name after divorcing.

Suppose the request for name alteration is not included in the final divorce decree, the spouse requests for modification of the order. In many states, The spouse can file for order modification without telling the other spouse. 

The spouse will be required to provide proof of Old name to work certificates or old passports for getting the order of name alteration. This is done to make sure that the name alteration is for a valid reason and not for committing fraud. In some states, it is allowed to use old names and ask for alteration in personal records. However, other states require extensive paperwork and court approval for changing names. You can consult a divorce lawyer to know the state-specific requirements for changing your name. They can handle the paperwork on your behalf and provide the required legal guidance for changing your name and adding the former name to all your legal records. 

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