clavosan cream is an effective treatment for healthful pores and skin round feet and palms nails. Active substances: eucalyptus oil, salicylic acid and tea tree oil. Mode of application: follow after cleaning a small quantity of cream around the ft and palms nails. Massage onto the skin for 30 seconds. For high-quality consequences use two times an afternoon. No local celebrities on creatives (landings, prelandings and banners)

In 2021, the relevant institute of parasitology and tropical remedy, has successfully finished medical trials of a new regenerative education – clavosan , created specifically to fight foot and nail fungus . The press provider of the institute has announced the subsequent

1. The effectiveness of clavosan , calculated based on a standard procedure (total number of people cured, with the total number of patients in a group of 100 people who have undergone appropriate treatment) reached up to:
– for curing your feet from mold – 99%
– for curing your nails from mold – 100%
* The word cure in this case means the elimination of the mold and the lack of recurrence of the case in question for a period of about 6 months.

Undesirable side effects, including allergic reactions, have not been reported.

3.  clavosan has been approved as a leading preparation in the fight against foot and nail fungus.

Clavosan reviews:

Marjana Topi
Nowadays getting infected with mold is the simplest thing possible, on all fours we are surrounded by constant unhygienic conditions, dirt. But we are forced to take risks and bathe after exercise three times a week. Most likely I was there and got infected with the fungus. I had totally disgusting nails the moment I ordered Clavosan cream . I had even started thinking about the possibility of using laser as an option to eliminate the damaged layer of nails. Thank God the work did not go that far. After only 4 weeks my nails became like new.


Anxhela Skënderaj

I ordered the Clavosan cream for myself . With my nails the situation was just awful …. I had even started to think to go and remove them altogether. … After about 30-40 days, after I had started applying the cream the nails got a more normal look! You can not even imagine how happy I was) Thank you Clavosan .


Eglantina Rexhepi

I ordered Clavosan too, they brought it to me two days after I had placed the order by courier. I started applying it directly, and all the problems I had with my feet went away! Already when I think about it, it was horrible how I lived with this kind of problem.



I was recently watching a program on TV, where this Clavosan preparation was being discussed . Many doctors recommended it to be used for treatment. I ordered it immediately, I use it constantly and I have no way not to rejoice in the results achieved, I thank you immensely for the article you have dedicated to the cream in question.

Sonila Abazi

To me the mold has been at an advanced stage – I overlooked it as a phenomenon, I thought it was just a calamitous thing. I realized that I was dealing with something serious at the moment when, due to the mold, the varicose veins got worse. The doctors at the clinic recommended that I remove it, at a private clinic they told me that it could disappear with a laser for only 7 or 8 sessions, and that each session would cost me around € 125. I only have a salary of 180 €. And of course to eliminate several nails at once, is not that I wanted. This means locking yourself in and not being able to get out at all. I have tried almost all herbal products – nothing has helped me. Great luck- where I saw this Clavosan preparationand I ordered it. And it’s not that I expected any great results to be honest. But to my surprise, the mold disappeared after only a week! Totally! I could not believe I had escaped from him. A great human thanks to you! Sorry I wrote so many words, but I’m still under the effect of emotions)


Besiana Kelmendi

I order it regularly. I use it myself, but my family also uses it for a preventative effect. Because after all, it is not only recommended against mold, but it is also against itching, skin peeling, cracking. He helped my son immensely when he had such problems. Here is the result.

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