This is not only your thoughts, but this is the thought of many people also, that’s why people prefer handmade things more to give someone special, rather than other machine made. Then the answer is simple, because handmade things whatever you give to someone special, that is not only going to give your feeling to that person, but it is going to give some beautiful feeling to you as well. The birthday of your boyfriend is coming, and that’s why you are also searching for a birthday gift for him. But the birthday gift, which you are searching for your boyfriend, is not a machine but a handmade thing. You want to get the best handmade birthday gift for your boyfriend, because you know this thing, that there are a lot of options, which anybody can get in the machine made. But it is very difficult for anybody to find a lot of options in handmade items. That’s why you want to give the best handmade thing to your boyfriend on his birthday. So to help you, we are going to give the name of the best handmade birthday gift here, which you can buy for your boyfriend and give to him. 

Heart photo frame 

You have a lot of photos of yours with your boyfriend, and all those photos are always of special moments, which you both create with each other. The heart photo frame you can buy online, as you may have bought rakhi online. You can collect all those photos, and after getting all those photos. Also You can find a suitable frame, which can do work for you. You can try to keep all those photos in that way so that they form the heart shape. If the photo is not available to form the heart shape, then you can find the heart shape frame, and then you can try to add the photos to it. The best part for you is that, in both ways, you are going to give the best birthday gift to your boyfriend. So try both things and after that give the best one to your boyfriend. 

Love coupons 

You may have seen a lot of coupons, and you can give the coupons also to your boyfriend on this birthday. But the coupons, which you are giving to your boyfriend, are not from any brand. But you can create or make coupons by yourself for giving to your boyfriend. The coupon which you are giving to your boyfriend, that he can use when he is stuck in that situation in his life, where he needed that coupon. This is a unique or something different type of handmade birthday gift, which your boyfriend gets in his life. 

Heart map art 

Your relationship with your boyfriend may start from a specific place, where you and he meet for the very first time. You can get this from the best online gift delivery shop. Afterwards, you may have some memories of other places as well. You can find out all those places, and after finding them you can get the exact location of those places from the map. Also You can keep those exact locations in the heart shape, and make an art of those places. You can give that heart map art to your boyfriend on his birthday. The places where you met your boyfriend, that is going to remain memorable for both of you, because of this heart map art. 

Candy bar poster 

This type of thing, you may have seen on social media, and the same type of thing, you can do for your boyfriend also on his birthday. So what you need to do, you just have to write a letter to your boyfriend, and you have to write the letter in a way that you can use the candy bar instead of the words. Your boyfriend is going to love the candy bar poster very much because he not only gets to know about your feelings, but he gets to eat the candy bar because of the candy bar poster. 

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Your boyfriend is going to be very happy because she has such a beautiful girlfriend, who thinks so much about him and always tries to make the special moment of his life more special. You can make the birthday of your boyfriend more special by giving the best handmade birthday gift to him. The thing which you are giving to your boyfriend, maybe that thing, which your boyfriend may have not seen yet in his life. So give the best handmade birthday gift to your boyfriend, and make the day special not only for him but for yourself also. 

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