Wedding planning is traditionally left to the bride, who is usually in charge of choosing the wedding color palette, the theme, and every single detail of the celebration. And even if we see more involvement from grooms in that area, we know they are not always aware of their duties or how they can be more helpful during the wedding planning process.

Although there is a common misconception about how grooms couldn’t care less about wedding planning, we now know they are actually interested in making their wedding day magical. After all, most of the time, they take the step to get engaged, so there must be some interest in actually getting married, right? The areas in which a groom can be of help are many, from communicating with his side of the family to choosing the color of the napkins and why not finding some awesome deal on draping for wedding and pinspot lighting.

If you are a groom looking to be the perfect partner and take responsibility for your big day, or if you want to tell the groom exactly what he is supposed to do during the wedding planning process, then we are here to put a light on such topic. With our ultimate groom checklist, we know you won’t be lost when planning your wedding day because saying yes to everything your fiancé says for the wedding is not enough anymore.

Be a Bridge of Communication with Family

Weddings are a union between two souls, but they are also a moment of union between your families, and as you carry on with your wedding plans, some conflicts might come up even if you have the coolest family ever. The traditions and opinions of your family might clash with your wishes as a couple to celebrate your big day, and it is better to handle everything with care by mediating as part of your family.

Make sure they understand you are planning your wedding, and even if you know their comments come from a loving place, you must honor your fiancé and the wishes you have for your big celebration. One of the most common issues with families during wedding planning is the fact that they want to have a saying over the guest list, so be firm and talk to your family until they understand the reasons behind your decisions.

Show up to Every Vendor Appointment

It is common for brides to show up alone to vendor meetings regarding decorations or florals, and we understand a bride might be more excited about the exact color of the wedding blooms than a groom would be. Regardless of it, you are a couple, and perhaps your partner has doubts about what decision to make, or you might come up with interesting questions while choosing your wedding vendors. Showing up means you care about the process, which is a great way to start your life as a family.

Be part of the Wedding Planning Process

Show interest in knowing what the next step for your wedding plans is, ask about when your next appointment with your wedding venue is, or if there is anything left to hire or find. Search for potential vendors instead of leaving that to your partner. It is important to be present every step of the way and make sure you are always sharing the responsibility of wedding planning.

Find Your Wedding Attire and Ring

Let’s be honest, many grooms often think it’s the bride’s duty to have a saying on each detail of the wedding process, but it wouldn’t be nice to have a little surprise for your partner by being secretive about what you are wearing on the big day. Brides take their hunt seriously for the perfect wedding gown and keep it secret until the last moment so that you be amazed by how perfect they look.

So, take the step and go find your wedding attire without her having an opinion to surprise her just the same way. And also, be responsible for finding your wedding band. This is something you can do as a couple, but don’t leave the responsibility entirely to the bride. If you have any doubts, you can always rely on a close friend to make sure your decision is correct according to the formality of the event, and the internet is always a good way to find out if you are going down the right path.

Communicate with Your Groomsman

Groomsmen are a big part of your wedding, and it is your responsibility to ensure they look flawless as they walk down the aisle as part of your wedding party. And of course, during your wedding photos. So, gather them and make sure they understand their duties and how you expect them to show up to your big celebration.

Be on time on Your Wedding Day

Trust us; there is nothing worse than being late for your own wedding day. You will look stressed in your wedding photos, and your partner and your entire guest list will be stressing out because you haven’t arrived. We advise you to start your day early and ensure you have enough time to prepare and arrive on time for your ceremony. Consider traffic and possible inconveniences that might arise, such as a flat tire, a car accident, or something similar.

Solve Issue with Family

When your wedding day comes, stressful situations are always a possibility, and they could involve your side of the family. Perhaps they don’t like where they are seated, or they wish to take photos at a certain time with you, or they could even have an issue with the plate being served at dinner. And although ideally, they should keep it to themselves, that is not always the case, and if your family wants to start a fight, our advice is that you try to solve it without involving your partner to cut the drama.

Write Thank-You Groom Notes

Once the party is over, your groom’s duties aren’t quite over yet, and etiquette dictates you are supposed to send a thank you note to your guests for attending your wedding and bringing a thoughtful present to your celebration. Don’t leave this task entirely to your partner; make a cup of tea or open a bottle of wine, put some music on and start writing your thank you notes as the couple you are.

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