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Gacha games are a trap that millions have fallen for. Gacha games can be addictive. They use fanservice and gameplay as a way to increase the thrill of gambling. Gacha games can be very predatory and tend to focus on making money at the expense or the enjoyment of players. There are still some wonderful experiences that players can enjoy, despite all the garbage in the gacha game pile. These games are unique.

There are many factors that can determine whether a gacha game’s worth the time. Solid gameplay may be enough for some. Some players want great graphics and a well-designed presentation. The most important thing about a gacha game for many players is its accessibility to those who don’t want to spend premium currency. To attract new players and keep them coming back for more, developers must be generous. However, being generous doesn’t always make it a good thing. Developers must also provide enough content to keep players coming back for more.

This is the first article in a series on gacha games for beginners. I will briefly outline the key components of gacha games and highlight some games that do them well.


A game’s presentation is essential to attract players. A good gacha game will have interesting characters, high-quality sound, graphics, and a clean interface. A gacha game without these elements can become hollow, especially if it lacks sound design and a clean interface. While a fancy presentation does not necessarily make or break a game it can help to capture players’ spirits. Appealing art is a crucial part of any game’s presentation. Without it, there’s no reason to download jpegs.

Solid presentation games include Dragalia Lost and Honkai Impact 3rd. Epic Seven and Fate/Grand Order. Its presentation is as good as the latest Gache Neon Mod game.


If you’re going to give up on a game soon after it starts, what’s the point? Gacha games should last for a while to avoid being lost after a few weeks. The main campaign for a gacha game must be at least three hours long. Developers should also regularly create new content that engages both old and new players. Gacha games must be updated regularly, whether it’s for limited-time events or completely new modes.

Games that last: Granblue Fantasy and Epic Seven, Dragalia Lost and Fate/ Grand Order


Gacha games are fun. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t enjoyable, no one will play it. Gacha games come in many different formats, from turn-based (Granblue Fantasy and Revue Starlight), to active (Dragalia Lost). While most games are role-playing, a few of them are strategy-based (Fire Emblem Heroes and Brown Dust). Some games are unique and different from others (OH! My Office. Some gacha games are based on music or puzzles (Sdorica, Love Live, Bang Dream). You can choose the type of gameplay that interests you.

Some amazing gameplay: Dragalia Lost. Revue Starlight. Shadowverse. Bang Dream.

Attractive Characters

Whom are we pulling for? Is it worth our time and money? To motivate players to pull, a game must have interesting characters. While some games are influenced by popular franchises, others use original characters with cool art and abilities. You want to play a game with characters you like.

There are many games with interesting characters: Granblue Fantasy and Fire Emblem Heroes; One Piece Treasure Cruise; Fate/Grand Order.

Developer Generosity

Are you planning to spend money on your game’s development? No matter what your answer is, it matters if the developer is generous. While most developers depend on their player base, a few are generous with freebies. Look out for games that give away tons of stuff.

There are tons of games with tons of freebies such as Dragalia Lost, Azurlane, Destiny Child and Granblue Fantasy, Girls Frontline, and Grand Summoners.

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You can Also Look for Other Things

Other items may be sought by some players in their gacha games. Perhaps anime themes don’t appeal to you? Marvel Strike Force is another option. However, the developers aren’t very generous. Shadowverse, a more competitive game that you can play with your friends, is great for those who want something a little bit different. Another Eden is a great single-player experience that does not rely on the gacha. Revue Starlight or an upcoming game such as SinoAlice might be a good choice if you want to try something new.

There are many options available for players to choose from. Many games are similar in terms of quality, generosity, and theme, as you may have noticed. There are many poor games, but there are some gems that are worth exploring. We will be covering more games in future guides. However, this guide is a good starting point if you want to get started right now.

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