Hair extensions are intriguing since they enable you to transform your style in no time and add fullness to your tresses. Ladies who have never tried hair extensions are likely to have a slew of questions about the different types of extensions, how they’re done, if they’re worth it, etc.

Among the different extensions, clip-ins have increasingly become popular among ladies of all ages. You can find both human and synthetic hair extensions in stores and online. 

This blog will discuss clip-in extensions how they are installed and removed, so you too can flaunt endless styles like the rest of the women. 

Why Are Clip-In Extensions Popular?

You might be wondering why clip-in extensions are popular, especially when there are other extensions, right? 

Let’s go over a few reasons why clip-in extensions are popular:

  • Clip-ins provide instant length and volume. You can go from shoulder-length to waist-length in minutes! 
  • Ease of application, which we will discuss in detail, is another major reason why they are so popular among ladies. 
  • Clip-ins are styleable and versatile, especially if you use a set of human hair extensions. You can choose from various lengths and textures! 
  • Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions colors are also available in a plethora of colors!
  • Clip-in extensions boost your confidence almost instantly because of the benefits mentioned earlier! 

How To Install Clip-In Extensions?

Steps to installing a set of clip-ins!

Now you know why they are so popular; let’s look at how you can install a set of clip-in extensions at home!

Step 1: Detangling Your Hair 

Make sure your hair is clear of knots before placing your clip-in hair extensions. Brush your hair with a soft paddle brush until it becomes sleek and tangle-free.

Step 2: Installing The 2-Clip Wefts

Section you horizontally from the ear, clip the remaining hair up, and tease the roots. Place both the 2-clip weft simultaneously near the roots. 

Step 3: Installing The 3-Clip Wefts

Create another section, about an inch above the previous section, to place the 3-clip weft. Secure the middle clip first and then proceed to secure the other two clips. Use the same technique to secure the second 3-clip weft. 

Step 4: Installing The 3 And 4-Clip Weft

Place the 4-clip weft near the crown– above the previous section. Ensure to tease the roots for a firm hold. Then, place the 3-clip weft over the 4-clip weft.

Step 5: Installing 4 Single Weft Clips

Since the back is done, it’s time to place your single weft clip-in extensions at the front. Here, you will place 2 single weft clip-ins on your right and left sides. 

Divide a section of hair on the left, two inches above the ear. Place the first single weft clip-in slightly near the hairline and place the second single weft behind it. Repeat the same steps for the right side. 

And now you long volume-packed hair! 

Where Can You To Buy Clip-In Extensions From?

Shop human hair at unbeatable prices 

If you are looking for a set of human hair clip-in extensions, Diva Divine Hair is your place. They have the best collection of 100% human hair extensions 9 varieties in various lengths, textures, and colors!

Alternatively, you can also buy synthetic hair extensions online if you want to begin with synthetic extensions first. 

How Much Are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Look like a million buck with clip-ins 

The price will vary depending on the quality and length. A set of high-quality clip-in human hair extensions will start at 6000 and can go up to 20,000. 

Now you might be wondering how much is synthetic hair extension. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper than human hair clip-ins, but they are not durable or as versatile as human hair extensions. 


Clip-in hair extensions are the commitment-free hair extensions you need! It is versatile, easy to clip in and off, and most of all, the perfect way to enhance your look in minutes!

Now you know which is the best most popular extension and how they are installed, what are you waiting for? Get the finest clip-in extension from Diva Divine Hair and flaunt a head full of gorgeous hair! 

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