You might think it’s time to upgrade if you have owned the same RC Car for a while.

You might have thought that the perfect rc car faster was for you, but your friend has a supercar.there are a few things that you can do to make your RC piloting career more exciting.whether you are looking to enter a few races, or just want to have an adrenaline rush from driving at higher speeds (with almost no danger to your life), it is a great way for you to have more fun and get to know your car as well as the mechanics of RCs.

The best thing? It doesn’t need to cost a lot!

These top tips will give your RC an extra boost.

1. Set the gear ratio

Adjusting the gear ratio is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to increase your RC’s speed.

Your RC has two gears, the pinion and spur. You can upgrade either one or both to increase your RC’s top speed or acceleration.

Pinion Gear

This is the gear that attaches directly to your motor. This is typically made of aluminum, steel or titanium.

They are available in many sizes and pitches, and can be easily removed with a hexdriver.

The RC will move faster if your pinion gear has a higher number of teeth.

This is not acceleration. It refers to the highest speed your RC can achieve.

It is important to not change the pinion gear too often. This can cause heat problems and possibly even damage.

Instead, you can increase the size of your pinion by one to two teeth each time and check the temperature periodically.

You can accelerate faster by choosing a smaller pinion gear that has fewer teeth.

This will allow your car to accelerate faster off the road. Another benefit is that it won’t affect your car’s temperature.

The tradeoff is that you will have a slower top speed, but it will take you less time to get there.

For smaller spaces, a smaller pinion gear will be more useful.

1. Spur Gear

This is the larger, plastic gear that the pinion gear rotates.

You can adjust the spur gear to increase your top speed or accelerate faster, but the difference is less than adjusting the pinion.

You will get a greater top speed and less acceleration if you reduce the size of your spur gear. However, increasing its size will allow for faster acceleration but a slower top speed.

You will get the best results if you change the pinion as well as the spur gear.

2. Replace your tires

Your vehicle will be slowed down if you use the wrong tires for your surface.

It is essential that you have the correct tires for your surface if you want to speed up your RC.

Slicks are the best choice if you’re driving on roads or tarmac.

Full spikes work best on slippery grass and mud. Mini pins work well for carpet. Mini spikes provide excellent grip and are ideal for all surfaces.

Use high-quality tires. Cheaper tires won’t only make it less traction, but they will also be less durable.

You may end up paying more over the long-term, and your top speeds will likely be lower. Premium tires will allow you to go faster and better handle corners.

This will greatly reduce the chance of your wireless RC car if you hit a corner to fast. You can also save money on maintenance that you can use to upgrade your motor or other parts.

If you are looking for what to look out for in a tire then bigger is better. However, there is a limit.

A larger tire’s diameter will allow for more turning, which can increase speed. However, it is important to note that heavier tires will also be more heavy.

3. Reduce your weight

It is possible to reduce the weight of your RC by replacing heavy parts with lighter ones.

Lighter materials include graphite, light carbon and aluminum.

Even though the difference may seem small, especially if you’re only replacing one or two components, even a tiny amount can make a huge difference, especially when combined with our other suggestions.

Switching up your batteries is another way to make your car lighter.

Swapping to a Li Po pack if you’re currently using a NiMH battery pack will dramatically reduce the weight of your RC.

Li-Po batteries will be the future of RC batteries, making your car a bit more modern.

They are however more expensive and can be more difficult to use so they may not be the best choice if you have a limited budget.

Although reducing weight is a surefire way to increase speed, it will also reduce traction.

This is not a problem if you are driving straight at high speeds. However, corners can be a little more challenging.

Your RC could flip if there isn’t enough weight to push through the tires into the corners.

We recommend that you add some weight to the front of your car in order to prevent this from happening.

4. Upgrade your Motor

You might consider upgrading depending on the motor you have.

Although brushed motors are the best choice for beginners, we assume that if you want to go faster you have more experience with RC pilots and are ready to switch to brushless.

A brushless motor upgrade is a great way of increasing your car’s speed, but it comes at a cost.

Technically, brushless motors are more efficient than brushed counterparts.

The vehicle will travel more quickly and with greater power because friction is less energy.

This is the opposite to brushed motors. In brushed motors, the brushes convert electricity into movement with some energy lost through friction.

Although upgrading to a brushless motor will increase your RC’s speed and power, it is a sure way to do so. Inexperienced drivers need to be a bit more cautious.

These vehicles may require more complex steering, responsiveness or suspension, and they can be more costly to purchase and maintain.

You might need to spend more on the RC to achieve some serious speed!

You can find cheaper systems online by looking at motors from Hobbyking and Turnigy. These motors are not as expensive as high-end models but will increase your speed.

5. Upgrade your Batteries

This point was already mentioned, but upgrading your Ni-Mh battery to a LiPo pack will definitely speed up your vehicle.

Li-Po batteries are lighter and more powerful than other types of batteries.

They are more complicated to use and more expensive. You will also need to buy a charger.

It is important that you choose a replacement for your Ni-Mh when purchasing a Li Po pack.

Talk to the staff at your hobby shop, preferably someone who works there. You can also check out the RC online forums for help in ensuring that the battery pack is compatible with your vehicle.

You could upgrade a 2-cell LiPo battery to a 3-cell. You will have more power if you get a 3-cell pack. It has a higher voltage output.

This has the downside that the 3-cell is slightly heavier.

A 3-cell Li-Po battery makes vehicles more difficult to control. You will also feel the power increase quite strongly after your first upgrade.

This makes your vehicle more powerful, but you should be aware that it could cause serious damage to your car.

These RC batteries cannot be compared to the AAs that you have inserted into your TV remote.

They should be treated, charged and disposed of in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you are unsure whether a particular battery is right for your RC battery, get professional advice. A wrong battery can lead to serious injury if it is installed in an unsafe vehicle.

6. Practise!

Practice is the best way to speed up your RC car.

It’s worth looking at how you race if you feel like you have ‘all the equipment but no idea’.

Many people spend a lot of money to upgrade and change their RC cars to achieve higher speeds. However, they don’t know how to properly handle them.


Sometimes, the winners of races are not those with the best RC cars or most expensive.

The winners are often those who can master their technique and navigate the track better than others.

It’s more than just about being flat out. Although we agree that this is fun.

It’s about knowing when to push your radio control and when to slow down.

You can read racing forums to get to know your RC better, and you will be able to drive it more often to get used to the extra power. This will make you ready for race day.

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