Is IELTS only Useful in USA?

What is the IELTS test?

IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, is widely recognized by users of English as a second language as legitimate proof of their skills and ability to use the language. IELTS is owned, managed, and developed by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and IDP Education Australia. It was created in the early 1980s and introduced to students in 1989 and is now one of the most recognized English tests in the world. This is a standardized test of General English or Academic English, either on paper or on a computer. The Galway Cultural Institute also offers ways to prepare for IELTS from the comfort of your own home. Now, let’s check the answer to your question, Is IELTS only useful in USA?

Offline IELTS courses

If you are considering IELTS in the USA, check out our online or face-to-face IELTS courses.

The knowledge and skills tested in IELTS are listening, reading, writing and English language and each section of the test is scored at 25% of the total score. The marks range from 0 to 9, there is no pass or fail, and they are valid for a period of 24 months.

If you want to test your English online, you can try our online English level test here.

Having an IELTS qualification certification with a good band score will always be an invaluable inclusion on any C.V. The growing requirement for IELTS among third-tier institutions, commercial organizations (employers) and for certain international visa requirements has seen over 3.5 million applicants each year in recent years. A very important point to remember is that there are no English level prerequisites, so anyone can prepare and take the test!

Is it only useful in the United States?

No, IELTS is accepted by over 10,000 organizations in over 140 countries. After all, English is currently the official language of 67 countries around the world and is spoken by over 1.1 billion people. It is widely recognized as the primary language of international business, culture, entertainment, and sport. It, therefore, makes sense to capitalize on this linguistic currency at your disposal. Learning to pass the IELTS exam gives you the ability to take advantage of these opportunities.

IELTS Coaching for Preparation

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