In 2012, the most popular anime streaming and the downloading site got launched, KissAnime. The site showcased an extensive library with various genres of anime movies and shows with some of the rarest shows you would not find anywhere else and the latest one that would get posted on to this site as soon as it would get released. KissAnime received many copyright complaints because the site did not get permission from the creators to post the content, getting the site blocked in many areas.

The KissAnime replacement was also very controversial because of the many ads and privacy issues it had.

Therefore, in 2016 the domain got changed as the official site got banned. However, the new domain could not except for the strict copy-right laws, making the site offer bootlegged content. However, the new site would not provide downloads, surveys, or any instant premium streaming, as it could not sort out the privacy issues.  KissAnime and KissManga are relative sites.

Why was the official Site was put down?

The real site got hit by the strict Japanese copyright laws that Japan has modified. Because of these laws, such free websites that give pirated anime and manga links will get closed down.

After this situation, the official KissAnime support team announced how they are terminating their services on their discord server. Many KissAnime fans got disheartened by the news of the KissAnime site closing down. For such users, the search to find a free anime streaming site for anime movies and series is extremely important. You can find many KissAnime type sites on your browser. Moreover, you can find many domains using the KissAnime name for its domain.

However, there is no news about whether the KissAnime official site will make a comeback or not. The alternative sites you can use and are the best possible ones are 4 Anime, 9Anime, and Gogoanime.Read also about:vinyl flooring in dubai    

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Kiss-Anime is the twin site and a highly recommended one that a person can use. This site is much similar to the official one when it comes it its interface design and the extensive catalog of anime movies and shows that it has, all for free. 

  • Users could find subbed and dubbed anime on the original site. However, when it comes to Kiss-Anime, users can only find subbed animes on
  • You can find an extensive library of anime and popular ones like One Piece, Naruto, and other ongoing shows. 
  • The main drawback of Kissanime.wz is the limitless pop-up ads a person has to face on this site. Each time you go on the site and click anything, you will get hit by pop-up ads. 


The original site is no longer available, causing chaos amongst the anime fans, where they go searching for alternatives to enjoy anime. You can find many sites. However, you should be careful when choosing a site. one way to find out whether a site is secure and safe is by reading its reviews and comments. There are many unofficial sites, so you have to ensure you do not risk your device. If you are a fan of the whole KissAnime interface style, you should check out the site mentioned before.

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