Are you ready to let your hair grow long but don’t want to have that blunt awkward ends on your short hair? We help you get some inspiration on layered hairstyles to give your hair the glow it needs until it is re-grown into beautiful long hair. 

Layered hairstyles are the coolest style that you can keep whenever you want to add the dramatic character to your hair and just let it be swift on its own. 

So scroll down and get the inspirations of hairstyles for layered hair, which will then help you spark your creativity. 

Mid-Length Layered Hair 

Weave hair with mid length layered hairstyle 

A mid-length layered hairstyle or the medium layered hairstyle is when the end of the hair till the shoulder. It is more like a shoulder-length haircut but beautifully layered, swirling around, creating those beautiful swifts and textures. If you have blond hair, you can add the human hair bundles for the right volume and length. 

You don’t have to cut your hair to achieve this look for the mid-length layered hair; you only have to cut the top layer of your hair shorter and keep the bottom ones a little longer.

Long Hair With Short Layers 

Long hair with beautiful short layers 

You can also use the hair bundles to achieve this hairstyle because of this long hair with a short layered hairstyle. By attaching the hair bundles, you can make the upper part of your hair the natural one super beautiful with so many textures and beautifications. 

The inner hair or the hair bundles should be cut into layers as it will be easier for you to blend your natural hair with your hair extensions. 

Shaggy Cut 

Shag cut to rock your style 

You can have your shaggy-cut hair cut into really small sections to create the perfect shagginess. But you can always attach the weave hair to get a pretty shaggy cut. The best thing about the shag haircut is that it will give you the rock ‘n’ roll kind of vibe, which you effortlessly vibe with a casual and mussy look. 

For this shag haircut, you can first attach the human hair bundles and include choppy ends with layers around the crown of your head. This shag cut will give you a lot of layers and textures and a whole different level of a modern hairstyle. 

Balayage Layered Hair 

Perfect blend of balayage hair 

Balayage layered hair is also one of the gorgeous layered hairstyles you can wear when you are ready to let your natural hair grow. You can slay this balayage layered hair with some colored human hair bundles, which will perfectly blend with your natural hair. 

This balayage layered hair will look nice when you place those colored human hair bundles on your layered hair as it creates a beautiful and dramatic look on your hairstyle. 

Curly Layered Hairstyle 

The coils of curls with layers falling around

Having naturally curly hair is a blessing. Although layered hair might look nice on straight hair, if you have naturally curly hair, you can also top your hairstyle with the best layers and add more textures to your hair. For more volume and length, add the curly weave to add the right amount of volume and texture to your hair.

Layers on your curls with an installation of curly weave is the kind of hairstyle you would want to wear for every occasion, and it also gives you the best looks. The weight of the curly hair will pull down the curls making the layers, and the textures show out. 


There are immense ways to recreate your hairstyle for layers hairstyles and have the flexibility to be created in other different types of hairstyles. With the layers mentioned above of hairstyles, get the best weave hairstyles for yourself with the best layers of style to slay your look every day and everywhere. 

You can always purchase yours from Diva Divine and slay your looks for the finest virgin human hair bundles. 

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