Looking at the above eyebrow treatments, which one is the best for you. Yes, you can use some brow gel with powder to create an easy fix, but these new procedures can take your brows to the next level.

The fact remains that brow grooming has come a long way, like threading, tweezing, and waxing to achieve thin with high arched brows. These days, thicker eyebrows are the rage, and the following eyebrow treatments can provide you with that fuller brow look.

Should You Choose Microblading

The beauty treatment is like semi-permanent makeup using a tattoo pigment onto the skin and a handheld tool with multiple needles. So, you get fuller and thicker brows performed with a pen fix and tiny blades.

Hence, it makes small yet fine hair-like incisions into the skin while depositing the tattoo pigment in the dermal layers to give it a natural hair look. You receive the procedure under local anesthesia using cream applied half an hour before the time.

So, if you have fine brows or none, microblading is a rewarding treatment. You can create your brows to boost your confidence. The pigment used is different from standard tattoo ink placed below the dermis.

Then eventually, the ink fades, leaving a natural look. You will need to go for a touch up session in the 8th month. Yet it is different than choosing a brow lamination Austin TX procedure.

Is Tinting Better

If you want a semi-permanent solution to give your brows a fuller yet defined look, waxing and tinting will provide you with that desired look. However, if you only do tinting, it can take up to 20 minutes once deciding on a color that is close to your natural brows.

Next, petroleum jelly is applied around the area to prevent the dye from staining the skin. Finally, the color is applied to the brows using two layers. After a couple of minutes, depending on the tint you want, it is removed with a damp cotton cloth.

The tint lasts up to four weeks and is a quick process.

Eyebrow Lamination

Now, if you want bushy eyebrows with a feathered look, it helps to visit a brow lamination Austin, TX provider. The technique is gaining popularity between the other two procedures. It is more evident than tinting yet less painful than the expensive microblading.

During the process, your brows are reconstructed with a brushed-up look using a brushing and hardening solution to keep them in place. It takes less than an hour, depending on if the waxing and tinting are included with the service. It also lasts up to eight weeks and will raise the arch to give your eyes an instant lift.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you have three options available to give your brows a great look. If you are not a sucker for pain, then eyebrow lamination or tinting is a great option. With microblading, the effect lasts longer. But you will need to practice a lot of aftercare compared to tinting and brow lamination.

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