Due to the widespread acceptance of cloud computing, most call center solution providers have shifted their focus from on-premise solutions to cloud delivery models along with free VoIP PBX servers, raising the question, “which is best for my business?” 

Cloud call center software provides significantly greater flexibility, variety, and many capabilities that on-premises telecalling software cannot match. Plus, cloud-based call center software in india is substantially less expensive and can be accessed remotely than on-premise solutions. 

Explore this easy comparison to see which solution is better, more accessible, and economical.

Cloud Call Centers vs. On-Premise Call Centers

Cloud vs on-site call center 

A few criteria are frequently used by businesses to compare cloud vs. on-premise call center solutions. Below, we break down some of the more commonly discussed qualities and features of each type of call center:


Since organizations must purchase gear and license, set up the infrastructure, and find compatible call center software in India, implementing an on-premise call center can take several months. Setting up cloud-based call centers, on the other hand, entails installing a program on a computer that works right away.

The Capital

When deciding between an on-premise call center and a cloud call center, businesses must decide whether they want capital or running expenditures. 

Call center outsourcing solutions necessitates an initial investment in hardware, licenses, and server housing. They also necessitate on-site installs every 5-10 years as hardware wears out and technology changes. 

Cloud call center software, on the other hand, does not require major upfront hardware or infrastructure investment as long as your firm has a robust internet connection with an adequate bandwidth. A monthly subscription is included in the ongoing charges.


Transfers, on-hold music, conferences, and call logging are standard features in on-premise call centers. While cloud call centers offer the same conventional characteristics as traditional call centers, they expand on them with the help of emerging call center training solutions to include live call monitoring, smart IVR, click-to-call, and other capabilities.


Integrating an on-premise call center with other services is difficult but not impossible, owing to licensing and installation issues. Companies with top-tier IT staff can make integrations and implementations operate more smoothly, resulting in higher overall productivity.


On-premise contact centers may have more stable equipment to eliminate call lag or decrease call quality. However, the call quality of an on-premise call center is only as excellent as its technology and infrastructure. Cloud call centers have good call quality when firms have strong, dependable internet connections.

Choosing the greatest fit for your company

Pros of both call center types 

The Advantages of Cloud Call Centers

Cloud-based call centers provide flexibility and the freedom to innovate. They enable you to meet customers where they are most comfortable by unifying all communication channels.

  1. Reduce costs while increasing return on investment (ROI)
  2. Make a full-featured, cutting-edge multichannel contact center Provide improved client experiences
  3. Employees can be deployed.
  4. Reduce ongoing expenses
  5. Improve agent efficacy and efficiency.
  6. Management of call centers
  7. Increase scalability and adaptability.
  8. Advanced capabilities and features

The Benefits of On-Site Call Centers

An on-premise call center represents stability and familiarity for some businesses. It’s what they’ve always known and are accustomed to. It is not necessary to introduce and train agents on a new application.

  1. Purchase only what you require in terms of equipment and systems.
  2. Instead of continuing payments, upfront charges are paid off.
  3. You will have peace of mind knowing that your private data is safely and securely stored in-house.
  4. Maximum functionality control
  5. There are fewer concerns regarding dependability and security.

Your goals and financial considerations will determine the optimal form of the call center for your company, so keep them in mind while deciding.


Moving your call center infrastructure to the cloud can help you scale quickly, differentiate your company from competitors, exceed customer expectations, and meet all regulatory requirements. 

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