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Life without a smartphone is such an unimaginable nightmare, ask anybody, and you will understand the craze. Today, every other person carries a smartphone because it is the need of the hour, not just a luxury to revel in. You will get the best phone under 10000 from the top Indian mobile brands, such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Motorola, and the list continues. Also, Samsung has replaced Xiaomi to become the top-selling smartphone brand in India. So, you can very well understand the demand that has only increased after the lockdown. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Indian mobile brands. These brands have continued to reign the smartphone sector since their inception. So, if you are ready to buy a smartphone, read this article…

  • Xiaomi: This brand has been making headlines for quite some time until Samsung decided to push it over and take its position. Xiaomi sells Redmi mobile phones in the budget segment. Hence, if you want the Xiaomi best phone under 10000, Redmi could make your purchase worthwhile. The phones come with upgraded features such as mindblowing display, massive battery capacity, enormous RAM performance, spectacular camera performance, and other attributes that make the budget segment smartphones such an attractive option for regular people like you and us. People are crazy about Redmi phones because they are affordable, durable, and high-performing. Hence, Xiaomi gradually became one of the top Indian mobile brands that grabbed the limelight quickly. 
  • Samsung: This, originally Korean but now ranks first among the best Indian mobile brands, claimed its top position after two years. Samsung alone sold 53 million units in the September quarter; can you imagine the amount of love this best brand has received. We can categorize Samsung as one of the best Indian mobile brands manufacturing the best phone under 10000. The budget segment phones or the best phone under 10000 are pretty well-built, feature-packed, offer consistent performance, have durability, and more. So, any best phone under 10000 from Samsung will help you get things sorted and suffice all your digital needs. Samsung also manufactures phones in the premium and mid-range segments. So, whatever your budget, Samsung will take care of it seamlessly. 
  • Vivo: This is yet another giant player in the smartphone sector. Vivo is one of the well-renowned Indian mobile brands that has made its online presence quite strong. It is the third most-loved Indian mobile brand in the country. The anti-China consumer sentiment impacted the sales of the company heavily. But, the company is reviving from the massive loss it faced. The brand now focuses on the bright sides of this festive season and has started advertising across online channels more than ever to reach out to more people at a time. The big plus of Vivo phones is that it manufactures the best phone under 10000. Hence, people get more inclined towards buying handsets from Vivo. Vivo is providing exciting discounts and offers on high-end handsets to increase sales ahead of the festive season in India. 
  • Oppo: Oppo has also seen a surge in the sales of the phones. This company which ranks among the top Indian mobile brands is a well-known player in the budget, mid-range, and premium segments. However, it is yet to leave a pronounced mark in the Indian smartphone market mainly because of the steep competition. Oppo is the manufacturer of affordable and quality handsets that suffice the needs of an Indian with an average salary. Phones like Oppo A15, A33, and more, come within the category of the best phone under 10000. There are so many options from Oppo, and there are no second thoughts about the fact the Oppo uses top-notch elements to make its devices durable and high-performing. 
  • Realme: In the current times, Realme has taken the smartphone sector by storm, so much so that it has grabbed the fourth position in the list of top Indian mobile brands. The market share of Realme is just 15%. However, if you have made up your mind to invest in Realme, let us tell you: there are a great many options to choose from. You can now pick the best phone under 10000 with impressive features and power-packed performance. The models such as Realme Narzo, Dizo Star, and more have drawn the attention of the Indian audience quite effectively. Now, the smartphone manufacturing company is gradually climbing up the stairs to reach the top position even though it is not as easy it seems because it has to beat the nonpareil companies such as Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi to name a few. 

We have made things easier for you, so you can thank us later! But first, visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and select your best phone under 10000 from the best Indian mobile brands. Worried about the down payment? Choose the no-cost EMI and enjoy using your brand-new handset. 

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