Rules of any personal injury case are made to determine the legal liability in the case. Legal liability is nothing but the compensation that someone owes you for causing injuries and damages due to their negligence. 

However, it is safe to say the person whose carelessness caused you injuries owes you compensatory charges for the injuries sustained in it. These injuries can be either sustained in an accident or an assault. For example, an accident could be a car accident, medical malpractice, defective products, etc. 

Whether it is an accident or an assault, you must contact injury attorneys at Sattiraju & Tharney as soon as possible in a personal injury case. As these cases are complicated, figuring out who is legally liable for your injuries is even more difficult. 

Nevertheless, there are some rules that everyone must know. So when you are in crisis, you are well aware of your rights. 

How do I determine legal liability?

The main reason why accidents happen is negligence. According to law, the primary rule for any accident is that if the accident is caused due to the carelessness of one party, that party will owe compensation to the injured person if the at-fault party must not pay the entire amount, at least a part of it. 

However, there are multiple other factors before coming to conclusions. So below are some examples of situations that will help determine the legal liability in a personal injury case. 

  1. The injured person might be partially at fault.

There are cases when the injured person is also wrong. While both parties can be equally or partially at fault, the injured person might lose the chance to seek compensation for their injuries. 

For example, at the time of the accident, the injured party might be at a place where they were not supposed to be. In such a situation, the opposite party cannot be claimed for a negligence case as they were not expecting you to be there. 

  1. The injured person was also negligent.

Suppose the injured person was not paying the proper attention at the time of the accident or was careless. In that case, the compensation they will get for the injuries will be less than the original. 

In cases where both parties are at fault, it is best to do the settlements outside court as it is a beneficial option for both.

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