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The Gel Dilemma – Cream or Moisturiser for My Skin

Skincare products in the market are available in various forms and ranges with diverse compositions and benefits. There are creams, gels, elixirs, serums, scrubs, soaps, and even spray mists available for you, each with its own set of benefits and features. As a result, it becomes challenging to figure out which skincare items are most suitable for your skin. 

The long lists of things that belong to the beauty skincare regimens include gel creams, gel moisturisers, creams, and many others. Typically, moisturiser is the heart of all skincare choices. Once you choose the perfect skin moisturiser, you can save hours of searching for additional skincare products for all kinds of skin issues. 

How to Choose the Best Skin Care Product?

The primary focus and concern for choosing the right skincare product are identifying your skin type. Knowing all the details of your skin type will make it easier to determine what works best for it. For example, a lightweight gel will suit oily skin, while a rich, emollient cream will work well for dry skin.

Most skin care products are available as creams or gels or serums. Face cleansers, skin tightening remedies, anti-aging effects, face brightening creams, moisturising solutions, gel creams, scrubs, and many other products come in both gel and cream form. So, you need to know how each works before deciding to buy any product. 

What are Gels?

Gels and creams are distinguished by their formulation, in addition to their texture.

Gel moisturisers are more fluid and lighter than cream moisturisers. They contain humectant substances, including hyaluronic acid, natural moisturising agents, and even polysaccharides, capable of trapping water molecules in the epidermis. This is why gels hydrate without leaving a greasy finish behind. They’re better for oily skin or people who want a matte, non-shiny finish. They’re also appropriate for those looking for a lighter moisturiser during the summer.

What are Gel Moisturisers?

Gel moisturisers are water-based skin care treatments that help the skin retain moisture and avoid drying out. They have a light, airy feel that absorbs quickly into the skin. Natural moisturising elements, glycerine, and higher water content are common constituents in gel moisturisers. On the other hand, Gel moisturisers have fewer emollients and oils than cream moisturisers. This is why gel moisturisers hydrate without leaving a greasy finish behind.

Additionally, gel moisturisers are excellent for a wide range of skin types, but their lack of oil makes them ideal for individuals with oily skin or who prefer a matte finish without shine. These moisturisers hydrate and moisturise the face without leaving a greasy residue, which is especially helpful for oily skin that shines after using oil-based products.

What are Creams?

Due to their higher fat content, creamy moisturisers have a richer, more emollient texture than gels. Butters and vegetable oils are fats, but they also include essential fatty acids, Vitamin F, and phospholipids. Creams will nourish, protect, and soften the skin owing to the ingredients it is made up with. They’ll be especially beneficial for dry, rough, or sensitive skin, especially in the winter.

What are Cream Moisturizers?

When opposed to gel moisturisers, cream moisturisers have a richer and more emollient feel. This is due to the greater fat content of cream moisturisers, including butter, vegetable oils, essential fatty acids, and phospholipids. As a result, moisturising creams provide protection, nourishment, and softness to the skin.

Well, you will also find a mixture of both Gel and Cream moisturisers. They are suitable for your skin; in case you have dehydrated skin. Additionally, these go perfectly fine with mixed skin types.

Simply put, the texture of a gel moisturiser differs from that of a cream moisturiser; a gel moisturiser is a lighter and more liquid than a cream moisturiser. Gel moisturisers are more ideal for oily skin, and cream moisturisers are more suitable for dry skin.

Summing Up

Choose the appropriate product as per your skin type:

In case you have a dry skin type:

Choose an ultra-nourishing cream rich in vital fatty acids and natural moisturising elements to moisturise dry skin and provide comfort, suppleness, and softness for a long time.

In case your skin is dehydrated,

Choose a gel cream texture that is ultra-rich in peptides and hyaluronic acid humectants to replenish moisture without leaving a greasy film on the skin’s surface.

If you have an oily skin type, normalise sebum production while delivering hydration to the face without leaving a greasy or shiny finish by using ultra-light, alcohol-free textures.



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