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The History of RSS Podcasting with Ben and Alberto – Part 2

Ben 2:07
You’ve probably heard the saying when’s the best time to plant a tree? The first answer is 20 years ago. The second answer is now. Why is now the best time to start a podcast. It’s not if you don’t have anything to say, it’s not the best time to start a podcast. If you’ve if you feel like everybody has said everything that’s needed to be said, every opinion that’s needed to be shared has been shared. But if you do feel like you have something to say, if you do feel like your opinion matters, if you do feel like you might be able to impart a little light into the world, a little hope, a little reminder, then now is a great time to start a podcast.

You can affect other people. I mean, at the end of the day, a podcast is not for the person speaking it’s for the person listening. And if you are able to impart something, and leave it digitally on your digital mark on the world for the remainder of time that there’s electricity on the planet, then your time to start a podcast is right now. So yeah, I mean, I don’t think anybody’s gonna lose opportunities if they start a podcast in a week or in a year. And certainly people’s interior inside voices change just as much as their, their, their you know, we talk I don’t know, I don’t want to get into psychology, but the ego, the super ego, the ID, all those have voices that change over time.

So your third podcast might be your best, your best podcast, your 15th podcast might be your best podcast, or your first might be your best podcast. But you aren’t, you aren’t going to get there, if you have something to say, by waiting. Just you could you know with us, you can get a free episode, and upload it. And then tomorrow, if you don’t like that episode, or you feel like you can edit it better and more succinctly, or write a new script, you can just swap it out, there’s your first episode again. And then once you’ve really fine tuned to your what your message is, then go ahead and create your second episode. And if you’re if it’s an educational podcast, you’ll get a big discount. So yeah, that’s anyway, that’s probably a long winded answer for saying, yeah, right. now’s a great time to start if you have something to say. But remember who your listener is going to be and how you can impact them. And I think it’s a very powerful sort of proposition.

Alberto 4:35
Regarding why now? Again, it’s not necessarily now from someone that was you know, that got acquainted with these with podcasting back in 2005, 2006. Then was the time to start, you know, but I just think that now that the two factors one mentioned by Ben – a lot of people have things to say whether it is you know, chat with friends or some powerful message from them that that is very important for from for, to share. But at the same time, podcasting is almost commoditized, meaning it’s easy to start it, it’s cheap. So now it’s a perfect moment just because it’s simple. And so there’s no there’s no effort there, there’s really the friction is is small. And that’s why now everyone is, let’s say it’s a in the past two years, we’ve seen a climax in the industry of people that want to create a show and to put their voices out there.

Ashley 5:36
RSS believes in diversity in podcasting. Why do you guys think it is so important for multiple cultures to start a podcast?

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