aluminium bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are really trendy these days, and most of the credit goes to the slim and narrow profile that maximises natural daylight and an uninterrupted view from your balcony or patio. And aluminium stands to be the ideal material for such doors owing to its slim design, sleek finish, sturdiness, and low maintenance. 

So, if you are planning on getting new aluminium bi-fold doors installed in your home, here are a few things that you should consider: 


Since bi-fold doors are a common choice for balconies and patios, they are more often exposed to harsh weather conditions, especially if you are living in India. Thus, getting low-quality doors installed can lead to issues like rust, dents, and scratches. 

The durability of a product majorly depends on the material you choose. With high-quality aluminium, you can avail benefits like: 

  • Lightweight
  • Longevity 
  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Sleek designs and frames 
  • Easy to maintain
  • TEXGUARD coating with metallic finish and impeccable lustre

So, other than just being durable, aluminium also offers many other features that make it an ideal choice for bi-fold doors. 


Security is another primary concern while choosing a bi-fold door as it is usually used as an exterior door on balconies or patios. This means that these doors act as an entry point for your house, making them vulnerable to break-ins. 

Thus, it is extremely important that you pay keen attention to the kind of security your aluminium bi-fold door is offering. For instance, TOSTEM INDIA’S doors uphold competitive ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality assurance standards. This means that all their aluminium folding doors are of industry-tested quality. 

Also, it is recommended to take extra time and effort and pick only the doors that are accredited in order to gain ultimate reassurance. This small step can help you be sure that you are safe in your home. 

Moreover, it is important that external bifold doors are installed with a multi-point locking system to ensure better security. 

This is the reason why TOSTEM India also offers keys in different combinations along with high-quality: 

  • security locks
  • digital locks
  • cylinder locks

Surface Protection:

The type of coating and glazing you choose for your door also plays a significant role as it has various purposes. Not only does it give your door a better look, but it also prevents damage from climatic stresses by offering better heat, sunlight, wind. You can ensure long-lasting lustre, colour, and resistance to heat, sunlight, and water with good quality and proper coating.

This is the reason why one of the leading window and door manufacturing companies – TOSTEM INDIA, offers their fenestration products with TEXGUARD coating. This coating is a result of 21st-century innovation and is the ultimate solution for modern homes. This prevents the doors from dust, heat, and corrosion, making them last for decades without losing their lustre and colour. This also means that these doors require a lot less maintenance. 

Thermal Efficiency:

Another major factor that you need to consider is the U-value of your aluminium bi-fold door. This refers to the thermal efficiency of the material. The U-value of your door can tell how well it can hold heat inside the room. The lower the number is, the less heat is lost. 

The TEXGUARD coating does not necessarily destabilise the temperature indoors. As a result, you do ensure excellent thermal efficiency after installing an aluminium bi-fold door. This is a top priority for people living in highly exposed and busy areas, including cities. 

Delivery and Installation:

While there are several door manufacturing companies in the country, safe and secure delivery is still a goal yet to be achieved by many. On the other hand, TOSTEM INDIA has come up with an ultimate solution by offering pre-engineered aluminium doors that are entirely manufactured at the factory and assembled at the site. This ensures that each and every part of the product is crafted with utmost precision and reached safely and results in reduced installation time. This is a fantastic way out, keeping in mind that fenestration products can be a little tricky to install, especially bi-fold doors and windows. 

Buying a bi-fold aluminium door for your home can be an exciting task, but keeping these factors in mind can help you pick the right design, coating, material and even ensure a hassle-free process. We hope that this information helps you find the housing product that caters to all your needs and complements the architecture of your home. 

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