Custom Timber Gate

Timber gates are a great way to prevent unwanted entry into your home, garden, business space, or farm. They are also useful for keeping people out of your property. There are many different types of timber gates available. You may want to consider buying custom timber gates if you have any specific requirements.

Benefits of Custom Timber Gate

Here are some reasons why you should buy custom timber gates.

1. To Protect Your Property

A timber gate is a great way to keep people out of your property. People often trespass on private land to take advantage of:

  • Free water,
  • Electricity, or
  • Other amenities.

Timber gates are a good way to prevent trespassing.

2. To Keep Animals Out

If you live near livestock, you know how much damage they can cause to your home. Livestock can destroy gardens, eat crops, and even attack pets. If you have livestock, you need to prevent them from entering your yard. A timber gate is the best way to do this.

3. Can Prevent Damage

Timber gates are designed to withstand heavy traffic. They are built to last and do not break down easily.

4. Durable

Timber gates are durable. They are built to stand up to years of wear and tear. They are also resistant to rot and insects.

5. Versatile

Timber gates are versatile. They can be used indoors or outside. They can be used to block off entrances or exits. They can also be used to create privacy barriers.

Types of Custom Timber Gate that You Can Buy

Here are some of the different types of gates based on how they function, that you should consider while selecting the best ones for your property.

1. Gate with a lock

A gate with a lock is the simplest type of gate that you can install in the property. These custom timber gates are ideal for keeping unwanted visitors away from your property. You just have to open the door and close it whenever someone enters or exits the property.

2. Gate with a keypad

Some gates are fitted with a keypad.. A keypad is a combination of numbers and letters. When someone wants to enter the property, he/she will use his/her code to unlock the gate. Once unlocked, the person can enter the property.

3. Gate with a card reader

Card readers on custom timber gates work on the basis of magnetic strips. Whenever someone inserts his/her card, it reads the information stored on the strip and unlocks the gate automatically.

4. Electronic gate

An electronic gate is the type of gate that you may want to install in an office. An electronic gate works on the same principle as a card reader. However, instead of using a card, the user uses his/her smartphone to unlock the gate.

5. Door with a sensor

Door sensors are a type of custom timber gates that you could install around a business area. These doors are equipped with sensors that detect any movement inside the property. If anyone tries to break into the property, the door will immediately lock.

6. Automatic gates

Automatic custom timber gates are controlled by a remote system. All you have to do is press a button on the remote and the gate opens automatically.

As seen above, there is a wide array of custom timber gates available that you can customize depending on your requirements and preferences. They, in addition to protecting your property, make them more aesthetically appealing and can last for a long period with proper maintenance.

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