It is a different experience to date your fiancé for the first time after you get engaged. Anyone who have being on their first date after their engagement could relate that you may feel uncomfortable or create some new memories and rewind your old days. relationship. Some may spend the whole day thinking about what to talk about, what to wear where to meet up. Although, there is no fixed rule to follow when it comes to dating your fiancé after the engagement if you want your date to be perfect and magical follow these tips and tricks.

Book a nice place

Fine dining plays a vital role in determining how your date will unfold. Meet in a nice place which is not too crowded. As this is your first date there will be a lot of questions in your mind. The atmosphere matters as you will feel more comfortable speaking. But in a crowded restaurant, you have to shout to be heard.

Don’t be too nosy

Don’t be too inquisitive on your first date. Try to keep the conversation short and interesting.  Don’t over-share on your first date you will get many more dates in the future to talk about each other. Just give your partner some time and space so that you can feel more comfortable with each other with time. Avoid asking any personal questions on your first date and try to make conversation about your likes and dislikes. Also you can speak about movies, books any subject you like.

A small gift goes a long way

Show her that your care and your love are sincere with a small gift on your first date. These small gestures go a long way. Your love and sincerity behind this gift are what will make her feel special and wanted. You can surprise her with lab grown diamond rings on your first date. She can look at the present in the future and rewind this happy memory. A diamond ring can be a really special gift and every woman loves diamonds.

Insure Your ring

Insuring the ring is also needed to be done after your engagement. Make sure you talk to your agent and know about the terms and conditions. What do you have to do in case your Solitaire Engagement ring gets lost or the stone gets damaged? It is best to talk about this stuff while you are planning on buying the ring. The first, thing is to certify the genuineness of the stone and find out about all the terms and condition that comes once you purchase the ring

Avoid using phone

Being on your phone when your partner is trying to strike up a conversation is not appropriate behaviour. If you are busy surfing your phone the whole time it will show your partner that you are disinterested in the conversation and want to avoid it. A first date is all about knowing each other likes, dislikes, and interests so when you are having a conversation try to pay your full attention to it.

Be yourself

 Lastly, it is important to be yourself when you are going out for a date after you get engaged. Don’t try to put up a fake image of yourself in front of your partner because ultimately he will know everything once you get married. It is so much better if your partner like you for the way you are and this is the foundation of a new relationship. So, try to be genuine and don’t try to act unlike yourself just to please your partner.

Just don’t panic or over think before your big day, go with the flow and keep these tips in mind and make memories.

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