Top 5 call center outsourcing solutions

In today’s economy, offering unparalleled customer service is one of the most challenging problems for small businesses. To match customer expectations, many turn to call center solutions for small businesses

That’s when call center software for small businesses comes into the picture. Call center training solutions to enable businesses to provide quick, effective, and customized customer service. Small businesses can fulfill customers’ expectations and enhance their overall performance. 

What Is A Call Center Software?

The circulation of outgoing and inbound calls is automated by call center software. IVR systems, a typical component, provide automated greetings, menu selections, and answers to commonly asked questions. 

 It can be used as an element of customer service with a ticketing component via live chats, phone calls, email, and other channels.

Now, let’s look at small businesses’ top call center software to help you choose the perfect software for your organization. We will emphasize the features and costs to make your decision easier!

  1. PhoneWagon 

PhoneWagon for call center solutions for small business

PhoneWagon is an internet-based business communication service that helps small and medium-sized businesses oversee marketing campaigns and monitor ROI. The call center solutions allows users to track customer behavior and progress! 

The primary feature of PhoneWagon includes call recording, greetings, email summaries, call alerts, and auto text replies. The tracking call center customer service solutions feature lets users gain insight into various marketing strategies, including conversion rate details. 

Starting Price: $39 per month and goes up to $275. 

Reviews: PhoneWagon has a score of 4.72/5, with ease of use, functionality, customer support, and value for money as the highlight. 

  1. Aavaz

Aavax FreePBX 

Aavaz is a cloud-based call center solution provider that provides robust and scalable incoming, outbound, and hybrid call center telephony solutions that require fewer extensions but can also scale up to include hundreds of users with no set-up or hidden costs! It contains a wide range of features geared to the specific needs of marketing, sales, and customer service departments. 

It does not need an on-site telephony infrastructure; instead, it utilizes a company’s existing internet connection. Aavaz offers a comprehensive dialer, FreePBX, call recording, and IVR, among other features. 

It even includes a mobile app enabling remote employees to connect to the system regardless of location.

Starting Price: $84.99 per month and offers a free trial.

Reviews: Aavaz has an average score of 4.3/5, with functionality, customer support, and value for money as the key highlights.

  1. CallRail 


CallRail makes it simple for businesses of various sizes to convert leads into more satisfied customers. CallRail’s analytics and business communications portal provides real-time information that enables customers to market confidently. 

CallRail’s call center solutions has expanded beyond G2’s top-rated incoming call monitoring software to incorporate form tracking, conversation intelligence, and corporate communications tools.

Starting Price: $45.00 per month 

Reviews: CallRail has an average score of 4.53/5, with customer support and value for money being the highlight of the call center software. 

  1. Five9

Five9– a call center solutions for small businesses 

Five9 is a global provider of an all-in-one online contact center system for outgoing, incoming, mixed, and multichannel contact centers. It enables agents to provide customer experiences across chat, email, phone, and more. 

IVR speech recognition from Five9 can be utilized for frequent client questions, relieving agents for high-value engagements. It uses real-time statistics to watch, analyze, and report on productivity and programmatically syncs all contacts with CRM.

Starting Price: $100.00 per month. Monthly license prices per agent are determined by volume and product features chosen. There may be additional long-distance surcharges. Long-distance packages are also available.

Reviews: Five9 has an overall rating of 4.19/5, with the most notable features of ease of use, functionality, and customer support.

  1. 8×8 

8×8 call center training solutions

8×8 is a virtual call center outsourcing solution that support other interaction mediums like voicemail, web callback, web chat, email, and more. 

It has a Personal Agent Connect function that aids in the development of ties between agents and clients. 8×8 can also be designed to communicate with other company programs and integrate with CRM solutions.

Starting Price: For a small business phone system, it starts at $15 and goes up to $44 per month. 

Reviews: 8×8 has a 4/ 5 score, with functionality, ease of use, and value for money being the biggest highlights. 


Call center solutions for small businesses assist agents in personalizing customer interactions and reducing the wait time resulting in an efficient and customer-centric operation.

Choosing reliable call center software is crucial, so why not go with Aavaz, the market leader? Contact Aavaz for call center outsourcing solutions today and take your small business to the next level with FreePBX with no hidden or additional fees! 

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