material handling

When it comes to material handling, trolleys are one of the most effective and common types of equipment you come across. It is a type of equipment that is largely used across various types of industries to help carry out loads across the industrial premises. There are industrial grade trolleys that are made to last the heavy-duty jobs which involve transferring heavier and bulkier items. Trolleys come in various customized sizes and shapes.

When you are buying readymade trolleys you need to figure out every aspect of it. Generally, the best thing is to approach a reputable trolley manufacturer to design and manufacture customized trolleys that fit your requirements exactly.

In this article, we are going to find out about the customizations that you can have in your trolley to fit in as per your demands.

Ensuring a durable structure

 The trolley should have a durable structural design. When it comes to the manufacturing materials for a trolley for material handling you may have several options. Generally steel and engineered plastic are the two options. But sometimes you also find out aluminum and wood being used to make the trolleys.

You must find out just what is the ideal raw material based on your industry type and nature of use.

A durable structure provides the trolley’s overall strength and integrity to handle the workload expectations too. remember to focus on the entire structure.

Making a load platform that is durable and able to handle weight load requirements

The loading platform is the area where you need to keep all goods and materials that are to be transferred.

The industrial platform trolleys have a low platform bed while the ones that are used in shopping malls, offices, and other areas have a high-end load platform.

A low bed ensures more strength and it is thus that the industrial platform trolleys that can carry bulkier items. The size and shape or even the dimensions of the load platform will play a critical role in adjusting to the weight durability of the trolley in general.

Ensuring installation of pneumatic wheels

Pneumatic wheels are the need of the hour for an industrial trolley that depending on the nature of work can be used along with multiple types of surfaces. Remember that the pneumatic wheels are lightweight options than general tires as they are made of specially vulcanized rubber.

The pneumatic wheels do not puncture easily and can be used along with multiple types of surfaces. Remember that it is the best choice for heavy-duty use trolleys or even the trolleys that are used for carrying light to medium-weight objects. Before the trolley design is finalized for material handling do ensure from the trolley manufacturers whether the trolleys should come in the pneumatic wheels option or not.

Make your trolley designed for outdoor purposes uses

If you want your trolleys to be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose environments it is necessary to look at a few more things on the overall design and building material. Generally, it is good that your trolleys are made of engineered plastic since they do not have any chances of rusting under corrosive conditions. But if want your trolleys to be carrying bulkier items and intend the build material to be steel or aluminum ensure that they are galvanized to ensure that they do not rust easily even under highly corrosive conditions.


In the above section, we have given a few things to look at when it comes to customizing your trolley to make it ideal for industrial use. ensure to keep them, in mind when discussing with the trolley manufacturer.

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