What Features Should Your Travel App Development Have?

Today, the travel & tourism industry is witnessing a massive change with digitalization and mobile apps. In fact, tourists and travellers often look for digital solutions to plan their holidays and trips. For this reason, many travel businesses are investing heavily in travel app development to hire a leading travel app development company

If you are also considering developing a travel app, then this blog will help you to learn about the must-have features that you should include in your app. 

Top Features to Consider in Your Travel App Development

  1. An Itinerary Planner 

Itinerary planning is an important aspect of travelling and tourism. It helps the tourists to plan their schedule with details and particulars. Moreover, they can search for their favourite destinations or attractions and them to their schedule. 

The itinerary should be very dynamic and customizable to include hotel stays, exciting places, activities, and more. Having a leading mobile app development company on board can help you build an amazing itinerary planner in your travelling app. 

  1. Geo-Tracking Services 

Geo-Tracking functionality is a must-have feature if you are developing a travel app. Above all, this technology allows users to track their location and help them search other locations in real-time. It is important to integrate this since travelling apps heavily depend on location-based services. 

  1. Weather Reports 

Tourists and travellers often check the weather even before they step out of their homes. Having a weather forecasting feature should be essential in your travel mobile app. It also greatly helps them to preplan their itinerary depending on the weather and climate of their destination. This keeps the travellers engaged with your travel and tourism app. 

  1. Language Translation 

Being in a completely new country means that the travellers will face language barriers to communicate with others and navigate through the city. For example, an English tourist might be completely clueless in Japan. This problem can be resolved if you include a real-time language translator in your travelling app. 

If you hire a prominent mobile app development company, they can help you integrate the most suitable API for this functionality. Moreover, the users of your travel app don’t have to use any other app for translating language into their native tongue. Thus, you will be able to ensure more engagement in your travel & tourism app. 

  1. Real-Time Currency Converter 

Just like language barriers, travellers also often face the problem of currency exchange. Not everyone knows the exact value of each individual currency. Thus, it becomes very important for travellers to learn the currency value in real-time. Ultimately, the app users won’t need to use any other app to learn about the currency exchange values. 

  1. Intuitive Design & Experience 

Although this is a not core features itself, the design and experience have a huge value in providing smooth navigation and ease of use. Good design always ensures better engagement and trust among customers. Having a minimalist and clean interface doesn’t distract the users from the core features and services of your app.  

A poorly designed app is ineffective in engaging the users and motivating them to keep using the travel application. Moreover, developing a cross-platform app can significantly help you capture more users for your application. The navigation flow should also be very smooth and straightforward for the users. 

  1. Location-Based Emergency Services 

Emergencies can come at any moment without any prior warning. People don’t actually know how to reach the emergency services when they are in some other country. Thus, it becomes critical to help them with instant emergency contact numbers based on their location. 

Your travel app should include all the necessary emergency contacts to help individuals instantly solve crises. Moreover, this functionality will greatly help you to build trust and create a brand presence among people. Hiring the top mobile app development company in Dubai can help you integrate this useful feature into your travel app. Your app should include critical contacts for the nearest police stations, hospitals, fire stations, etc.

  1. Advanced Search Options

Tourists often search for their desired destinations before making a holiday plan. Thus, your travel app should include advanced search options to let them apply filters to find the best travel destinations. 

These filters should be very detailed and precise to allow users to find out the specific locations for travel & tourism. Moreover, these results could be personalized and customized even better. You can also provide some additional information about the nearest restaurants, theatres, hotels, attractions, airports, sea ports, etc. Ultimately, the travellers will have a more fulfilling and informed travelling experience. 

  1. Accommodation Locator 

Locating accommodation is very important for the tourists to ensure a comfy and safe. Thus, you should include an accommodation locator and booking to help users instantly book their accommodations according to their budget and convenience. 

Your travel app should option built-in options to find & book hotels and other accommodation facilities. This could also be a remarkable earning opportunity for you and accommodation owners. Furthermore, you can further customize and personalize the listings to ensure more bookings from the users. Your travel business can earn direct commissions from hotels, resorts, lounges, guest houses, etc.  

  1. Restaurant Locator and Reservations 

Finding a decent restaurant in a new location is a hectic task, and booking a dining reservation is even harder. Thus, your travel app should also include a restaurant locator and automatic reservations to provide maximum convenience to travellers. Furthermore, no one has to spend hours waiting in long queues since reservations could be made from mobile applications. 

A travel app development company can help you integrate geo technology and integrate Google Maps APIs into your travel app. It would make it incredibly easy for the customers to locate the best restaurants in real-time. 

  1. Travel Guides 

Okay, this is not a core feature instead it heavily depends on the content. For this reason, you must develop quality content for detailed travel guides. These guides must be very informative and should include every detail of a trip to a particular destination. 

You will also need a lot of pictures and videos to make the guides more engaging and interactive instead of being just text-based. This could provide plenty of information to the tourists to plan their next vacation. Plus, you will be able to ensure more engagement and user time on your travel app. 

Summing Up

Those were the most important features that you should include in your travel app development. However, developing a travel app might not be feasible in a competitive market. For this reason, you should hire real experts in mobile app development to provide the most innovative solutions. MobileCoderz is a top mobile app development company with years of experience in travel app development. They have an extensive portfolio of travel apps for clients from different industry verticals. 

About the Author

Josephine Baker is a professional mobile app developer at MobileCoderz, a leading travel app development company. Over the years, she and her team have developed dozens of travel apps for diverse clients. Lastly, apart from her professional life, she takes keen pleasure in bike riding and playing with her dogs. 

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