Which Flower Goes On Which Occasion : A Guide

Flowers would be Mother Earth’s jewellery if she were a woman. They sit delicately on her body, enhancing her beauty. They come in a great range of colours, shapes, and sizes. Although there are many various varieties of flowers around us, we cannot say that one bloom is more beautiful than another. This is due to the fact that all flowers are lovely in their own way, and they are all very important to Mother Earth, to whom they belong. Flowers not only contribute to Mother Earth’s beauty, but they also contribute to the beauty of our lives. We use flowers on a daily basis, whether directly or indirectly. When it comes to the practical applications of flowers, we must consider our unique occasions. Flowers are used to embellish as well as to communicate with our loved ones. Flowers have the ability to convey our messages to individuals we care about. In times of joy and grief, for example, we present flowers to those we love. If we use flowers correctly, we can use them to express our feelings. On any occasion, you can utilise any flower. The society in which we live, however, has some conventions. Flowers evoke various emotions, which is why we use different flowers for different occasions. If you’re having problems gifting flowers to people because you’re not sure what they mean, this guide will help you choose the right flowers for the occasion.

  • White Flowers to send good luck and positive energy

Innocence is symbolised by the colour white. It also represents a fresh start. It’s a beautiful colour that’s typically associated with divinity. This is why, when wishing someone good luck, people choose to exchange white flowers. White flowers are often exchanged between people, whether at a wedding or the birth of a child. White flowers are excellent for wishing good luck. One of the most well-known white flowers is daisies. You can get it easily through online flower delivery in kolkata.

  • Yellow Flowers to appreciate and congratulate

Yellow is the colour of happiness, as we all know. So, when you need to send a message of congratulation to someone, it is undoubtedly a happy occasion that warrants a party. This is why yellow flowers are frequently carried to success or graduation parties. Yellow flowers also signify hope. So, to move forward and obtain further successes, someone who has recently won something requires hope and hard effort. Yellow flowers come extremely handy for plainly communicating this message. Sunflowers are among the most popular yellow flowers in the world. Seeing some fresh sunflowers can put a nice grin on anyone’s face.

  • Orange Flowers to console and extend support

Orange flowers are frequently used to extend feelings of consolation, which may come as a surprise to you. Orange flowers are utilized in funerals, which is what we’re getting at. The colour orange is supposed to bring power and, due to its brightness, can provide some solace to bereaved people. You can send a bouquet of orange flowers to someone who has recently lost a loved one. Orange Marigolds are a lovely orange flower that can be bought at any funeral.

  • Red Flowers to show love and commitment

Even if you are only beginning to grasp what flowers are given for what occasions, you will be aware of the significance of gifting red flowers to someone. We’ve all seen someone give a red rose to someone they love since we were born. It’s one of the most well-known pieces of literature. Since the dawn of time, red flowers have always been connected with love. Of course, you can mix and match red flowers with other hues, but a red flower must be present to convey your love to your special someone. When it comes to expressing love, red roses are, without a doubt, the most popular red flowers. You can find them easily at any floral shop

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