Outlook Certificate error problem

The Outlook security certificate acts as a signature while sending the email in the Outlook platform, which confirms its validity and authenticity. It is a digital certificate to ensure the security of emails on Microsoft Outlook.

Reasons for outlook certificate error office 365:

When do users want to know Why is Outlook asking for a certificate? some of its reasons are given below:

  • When the Outlook security certificate attached to the email is invalid, it can lead to an error.
  • The most common reason for the outlook certificate error in office 365, is when the user forgot to update the IP domain name in the outlook certificate from the old domain name to the new domain name.
  • Entering the inaccurate hostname can lead to outlook certificate error office 365 and other reasons as well.

Solutions for outlook certificate error office 365:

  1. Must Verify the Certificate Name

Users must confirm that the name of the certificate and the mail server are alike for a smooth connection between the mail server and the email client.

Ways to verify the certificate name, when outlook certificate error office 365 occurs:

  • Users have to click on View Certificate.
  • Then they have to choose the Issued to Name option and,
  • check whether the name on the certificate and mail server is alike or not.
  • In case both are not alike which leads to the error, users must change the name and then restart the Outlook application.
  1. Change the Outgoing SMTP Port

Outgoing SMTP Port often gets blocked such as Outgoing Port 25, but users can use the Outgoing Port 465, to use the SSL Port and fix the Outlook security certificate error.

The steps for changing the Outgoing SMTP Port are given below to fix the outlook certificate error office 365:

  • Users need to open Outlook to choose the File option and then the Info tab.
  • Press the Account Settings option and again 
  • To change, choose the needed email account
  • From the More settings option, users need to go to the Advanced option
  • From there, users can change the outgoing SMTP Port and press the ok button.
  • Other solutions are:
  • Users must use non-SSL Ports such as POP 110, IMAP 143, SMTP 587, etc.
  • Users must use the domain name of their hosting as Mail Server, and other reasons as well.

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