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Are you looking for a remote working opportunity? You’re not the only one! People have been dreaming about working from the comfort of their homes for many years. And the increased work-life balance that comes with it is just as appealing. Employers offering this flexibility typically attract more candidates. This also makes sourcing easier for third-party stakeholders like a staffing agency Pittsburgh. After the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working became common as businesses transformed. And now more and more jobs follow remote working formats. Learn about the best ones below.  

The Best Work-From-Home Gigs in 2022 

In the short span of two years, remote workforces have become the norm. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, remote working has never been more appealing. Workers between 25 and 54 years of age are more likely to work remotely than ever before. This has prompted a shift in employer behavior as well. One that is compounded by health and safety concerns.

Today, more employers offer remote working flexibility and make use of hybrid teams. The result is an increase in the demand and availability of remote talent. That means you can realistically work remotely in the long term. In 2022, these gigs are well-suited to remote work:  

Graphic Design 

Graphic designers have always been in demand. Especially with the growth and acceptance of digital marketing. Visuals are a critical component in various aspects of modern business. It factors in brand communication, advertising, marketing collateral, and even sales pitches. Therefore, graphic designers have been in demand. That too across businesses and industries of all types. Thanks to the nature of the role, all a graphic designer really needs is a few tools. An internet connection, a sufficiently powerful PC, and their inherent creativity. Nearly everyone can use these key ingredients at home. Therefore, graphic design is a role well-suited to remote work.  

Content and Copywriting  

Content and copywriting roles are also suited to remote working. Even more than graphic design. A writer needs access to online writing tools. And these are basic ones like MS Word, Grammarly, and plagiarism checking software, mostly. Creativity aside, these tools remain constant across all roles involving writing. And given how easy they are to use, even on a regular smartphone, writing content remotely is fairly easy. Businesses are always on the lookout for good writers. They can add value to websites, catalogs, brand messaging, and even ad campaigns. Therefore, more businesses are open to hiring remote content writers and copywriters.  

Social Media Management  

Almost every business these days has a social media presence. Social media platforms boast billions of users all over the globe. Businesses stand to gain numerous benefits from a solid social presence. For example, the segmentation, targeting, and analytics. Of course, these pages are very visible and often serve as a medium for consumers to interact with brands directly. That means managing them carefully and constantly is an important factor in business social media success.  

Luckily for businesses (and social media managers!), social media management is not too hard. It rarely requires the use of heavy software or sophisticated tools. There is also the global popularity of smartphone apps. Therefore, all major social media platforms are available as both desktop and mobile apps. If you want to be a remote social media manager for a brand, it does not involve special equipment. All you need is reliable internet, a smartphone, or a computer with the necessary apps. And, of course, an eye for detail.  

Customer Support  

Customer support remains a crucial business function. In fact, customer support needs have grown during the pandemic. These days, businesses focus more on agility and lean process flows. So, it is only natural for remote customer support reps to enter the equation. Businesses can continue to offer seamless and around-the-clock support. That too in a much more cost-efficient way with remote customer support teams. Of course, there may be some equipment needed. You may require VoIP systems, call monitoring, and secure payment protocols. But it remains a very popular remote working gig. Especially for individuals with experience in customer support.   

Web Development  

Web developers are among the most in-demand professionals in the 21st Century. At a time when every business has a website to sell its products, services, and brand, every firm wants a good web dev on its payroll. Luckily, most businesses (post-COVID) are more than willing to hire remote workers. Tha includes remote developers or even remote development teams. The nature of work requires computers, development knowledge, and coding skills. Of course, not everyone has development skills. But those that do can leverage them easily in a remote working format.  


Today, businesses are shifting to hybrid or even completely remote workforces. The advantages when doing so are significant. Businesses can save on floor space, overheads, and payroll costs. There are also additional savings on costs associated with full-time developers on-site. At the same time, employers gain access to a much larger and much more diverse global talent pool.  

Of course, not all roles are suited to remote working. Take, for example, an oil exploration and extraction firm. It will be unlikely to reach out to mechanical engineering staffing agencies for a remote engineer. But there are still many roles that transition well into a remote working format. They could still hire a remote business development team. Finding the right gig is a matter of aligning your skills and goals with a remote working opportunity. Preferably one that offers valuable experience and compensation. The roles listed above are by far the best examples, but they are not an exhaustive list.  

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